Monsters Under the Bed

There are monsters under the bed, Daddy. Please won't you check and see? I know they're coming to get me. Daddy, Daddy, please tell them to go away, flee into the night. I won't be able to sleep until all those scary things are out of site. Don't turn off the light, that's when theyDisplay

A Butterfly in My Room

A BUTTERFLY IN MY ROOM Once there came a butterfly in my room, Believe it or not it made a big boom, I tried chasing it with a broom, Because it made me feel gloom. For some reason it liked sitting on my bed, And then hopped and sat on my head, Then it satDisplay

A Scary Night

A Scary Night   So dark is the night With things crawling around. Noises come and fight With your mind with out a doubt. Footsteps are heard wherever you are It does not matter if they are far. Running with strength Running with fear They will catch up, so don’t shed a tear. The footstepsDisplay

Night Crawlers

Night Crawlers My bones rattling My teeth grinding My heart pounding The tree limbs thumping The world spinning Everything is in movement And all u can think about Is what may be in the dark Little creatures so small and dark Big Ole creatures so crazy and strong And the one creature that runs throughDisplay

The Wind Blows

The Wind Blows The wind blows softly at my window. I wait in awe to see, What will happen if mom lets me be. I’m scared to death at this little fright, But I will sleep on through the night. Ashley Farmer © 2000 +3

I am the Night

I Am The Night I am the night. I am darkness at it’s bluest. To me there is sheer delight in the shadow of the night No need to insist, for the night I exist. The light of day is not night’s way. I am the night. I am a creature of the dark. IDisplay

Screech Owl Stew

SCREECH OWL STEW First, start with a bat wing That has aged a thousand years, Mix with a dash of spider’s legs, And a drop of tarantula’s tears; Simmer it with the elixir Of a witch’s brew; That’s how you make Screech owl stew. Screech owl stew is a delicacy, A culinary delight, But beforeDisplay

The Halloween Guest

THE HALLOWEEN GUEST You never know what you’ll find When you set out on Halloween; But once you discover what’s in the dark It’ll make you scream; Beyond the safety of your front door, Goblins, ghosts, and vampires are real; As you pass the glowing, grinning jack-o-lanterns, Is that terror that you feel? Chin up,Display

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