The magic tree

Anika Dhapola

Chapter 1: Lotty was coming over!
Once upon a time, there lived a boy name Dobre. He has a younger brother named Doffy.
Next week their cousin Lotty was going to come over. Lotty was their favorite cousin.
Dobre and Doffy’s mom and dad were also going out the day when Lotty was coming. So, they 3 would be alone at home!
Next week the bell rang. “Ding Dong’’. Dobre and Doffy ran to open the door. They saw Lotty!
“Hi Lotty!!” said Dobre. “Hello Lotty!!” said Doffy. “Hi there both of you!!” said Lotty.
“Come on, lets go to our room and play!” said Doffy.

Chapter 2: a strange tree
All of them ran to their room. Lotty loved their backyard! From Dobre and Doffy’s room you could see the backyard. There was a huge 100-year-old tree. Lotty spotted it! He saw some things coming out and going back in the tree. He questioned Dobre and Doffy “Hey what’s that tree? I can see things coming and going back in from the tree.” “Oh, that’s a super old tree! We always see things coming and going back in from it. But we have never gone there.  Let’s go and explore!  What do you both say?” said Dobre. Yes!!  Said both of them together.

Chapter 3: Slotty and the other gnomes
They all walk to the backyard. They go next to the tree and bend to see what are the things on it.
They did not believe what they just saw! There were small gnomes! “Dobre! Lotty! Look what I found!! There are tiny gnomes going inside and outside!!” Said Doffy screaming. “Oh wow!! Let’s see more closely!” said Lotty.
All of them are focusing on the things the gnomes do.
One gnome saw them staring. “Hi kids! What are you looking at?” said the gnome. “Oh um... Hi!  I’m Dobre.  This is my little brother his name is Doffy.  And this is my cousin Lotty . Nice to meet you!  We were looking at you!!  Um you all are amazing!” said Dobre confused. “Hi Dobre!  I’M Slotty the gnome!  Me and my friends live in this tree!  From inside it looks amazing!” said the gnome. “Oh wow!!  I wish I was small like you, and I could enter your home!” said Doffy. “Well, you can!  I have powers which can make people shrink and be taller.” Said Slotty the gnome.  “Can you please make us shrink?” all of them said together.  “Sure!” said Slotty.  “Boom, shrink them,  Boom” said Slotty.  Woosh all of them became small just like Slotty!

Chapter 4: the inside of the tree
They all entered the tree.  They could not believe how beautiful it was!  “This looks better than my home!  Whispered Lotty.  “Wow this is beautiful!” said All of them.  They all were surprised how amazing it looked from inside!  The outside looked like a dirty piece of wood.
They saw all the gnomes rooms in the tree.  There was a lot of grass and food!  “This is amazing!  I love it!  I wish I could stay here forever.” Said Lotty.  ‘’ This is my room.”  Said Slotty . Slotty’s room was beautiful!  It had small wooden birds, a green bed made of grass and wood, a huge wooden slide and a small chair made of sand.  “It’s so beautiful!” they all said at once.  It was time for them to go.  They all were sad.  They had a lot of fun!
“Bye Slotty!” told them all.  Slotty made all 3 of them their normal height again.  Dobre and Doffy’s parents arrived too.  It was time for Lotty to go too.
“This was the best day ever!” said Lotty.  “Bye Lotty!!”  Bye Dobre and Doffy!”  they all said to each other.
Dobre, Doffy and Lotty never told the magic tree to anyone!  Every time Lotty used to come over, they would go to the tree!



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