Wildfire |Chapter 1|


| Prologue |

"Ma'am, the Groundrels are coming." Said a stiff, grey mouse in shiny silver armor.
"Prepare.. The Troops." Said a gentle voice.
"But we never use them!" He wheezed.
"I know, General Wislley, but just this once, we have to."
Wislley growled, mumbling to himself, "The Troops.. Who knows what's next!" He doubtfully tossed his paws in the air.

| Chapter 1 |

"Wake up!" Shouted a small mouse in white fur.
"Silly Lavender, you don't always have to shout," Called her mother, from a few yards away.
"Ugh, what day is today?" Asked a mouseling in tan fur, lying on a soft bed made of wisps of cloud.

It's so early.. The sun hasn't even risen yet.   "Today's my birthday!" Screamed Lavender in reply. "Ouch, don't scream, I just woke up!" The tan mouse said.
"Chillax, Willfire!" Lavender whispered. Willfire rolled her eyes. "I didn't mean you should whisper, Lav."
"Oh!" She said, still grinning like a happy monkey with a banana. "Okay then!" "Honey," Said a voice speaking suddenly from the kitchen. "Could you go run to the market and grab me a few melons?" Asked her mother. "Sure thing." Willfire assured her.
"Oh, and bring Lav with you. It's her birthday, so don't get mad at her!"

Oh, great, another day with the silly wannabee.
|End Of Chapter|


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