Running with the bull

Where was he? Cody kept near the fence. Not seeing the bull, he dared to creep to the grove of trees in the middle of the pasture. Maybe old Bubba was lying down in the shade of the big sycamore. Hot summer days like this, Cody liked to dip his bare feet in the coolDisplay

Dinosaurs In My Bed

  Andrew lay shivering in his bed. The sky was alive with booming sounds and brilliant flashes just outside his window.   Fifteen minutes ago he asked, “Mom, will the storm last long?”   “Please, don’t worry,“ she said. “The weatherman promised it would pass over Truro quickly. Now get some sleep.”   Except itDisplay

Oh, Those Eyes!

I knew that feeling comfortable in my childhood home was but a moment of fiction, because the house was anything but comfortable. Unless I was preoccupied, I could feel the presence of an unidentified entity. I was uneasy being alone in the house I had grown up in because even when I was alone, IDisplay

Snidely the Bridge Troll

Once upon a time there was a troll that lived up under The Creek Bridge down at Low Hollow creek. He was a short ugly fellow, but very strong. His hair was straight, red, and stuck out like a mop. His skin was really wrinkly and felt like sandpaper. His clothes were always smelly. HisDisplay

Night Dream

NIGHT DREAM “If you’re that worn out, then go to bed,” mom said. And I did, even if darkness didn’t come creeping yet outside my window. My arms were so weak I couldn’t get my socks off. They kept sticking to my feet. So I crawled under the covers. When I’m very tired, I dream…Display

The Lonely Old Man

There was once an old man named Franz. Franz lived alone in the smallest house in the way back of his neighborhood. Franz was a grumpy old man due to the recent death of his wife. He was bitter and rude to the neighbors and made everyone he came into contact with him very upset.Display

When Shadows Come

WHEN SHADOWS COME “Creepy here,” Melanie said, looking around grandma and grandpa’s farm in the country. “It’s cool,” Adam added cheerfully. His sister’s scowl made him change his mind. “I mean, I’d rather be home with my friends,” he stammered. Five-year old Colin shrugged his right shoulder. As mom and dad drove away, his wagglingDisplay

Coulours of Halloween

ONCE UPON A time there was a little boy named Jeremy… Jeremy climbed into bed, he was seven now but he still liked his mother to read him a bedtime story. “Once upon a time long ago…” His mother’s voice lulled him off to sleep, her words soft and soothing when suddenly she was shakingDisplay


Alone My mother and father had just left the house to go to the movies. I was baby-sitting my two little sisters when the doorbell rang. I knew that I shouldn’t answer the door for obvious reasons, but something drew me to open it. I saw a man at the door and said, “Can IDisplay

The Wild Night

The Wild Night The night was cold. A breeze chilled the back of my neck as I stepped closer to the old oak. ‘Mother Ursula?’ I asked nervously. The night was silent. I straightened up slightly. ‘Oh, Mother Ursula?’ Suddenly, the night exploded. The tree’s leaves burst into fire and an owl hooted. A redDisplay


CORPSE Aaahhhh! Out of nowhere came the murderous scream in the midnight hour in Lord Darberfield’s castle. The maids, butlers and cooks were all the residents who lived in the castle and they came rushing out of their bed rooms holding their candles in their shaking hands and looking pale with utter fright, nearly allDisplay

The Candle

The Candle I was in the basement of my grandma’s house when my grandma called for me to come upstairs. I ran up and she said she was leaving, but my cousin Shayla was coming over. Well my grandma left and I stayed upstairs watching TV for a bit until Shayla came. My grandma hadDisplay

The Beck of Roses Red

The Beck of Roses Red Yesterday, I visited a beck. Not very interesting, you might be saying as you read this. But it is nobig wow whatsoever. This particular beck is haunted by a ghost who was brutally slaughtered in the War of the Roses. Why did I go there? It was because of aDisplay

Helga the Witch

Helga The Witch Helga’s long matted hair fell over her coal black eyes. She leaned over her crystal ball and shrieked, “Those children must be stopped!” Everywhere she looked there were children laughing and playing. It was enough to make any witch cranky. But Helga was not just any witch. She was one of theDisplay

The Witch’s Messengers

The Witch’s Messengers The wind blowed in Maria’s hair. It reminded her of the curse. She struggled on, the wind almost knocking her over the edge. ‘Thalia!’ she cried before stumbling on a pebble. ‘Thalia!’ Maria was looking for her long lost daughter and a fortune teller had told her to seek BloodhurstCave. Years ofDisplay

The Skull Tree

The Skull Tree All the children in the Glentown neighborhood knew about the skull tree. It was just one of those things that, hey, you know, kids know about. This is the story of some of those kids. Ally and Ryan Burch lived on Glenhaven Drive a couple of blocks from their school, Glenhaven Elementary,Display

The Rifcog

It was a cold dark night my mum and dad were out at a dinner party. My grandpa was asleep that’s nothing unusual for him to do at his age . There was knocking at are door, I wasn’t shore if I should wake up my grandpa or answer the door I remembered that myDisplay

The Witch’s Messangers

The wind blowed in Maria’s hair. It reminded her of the curse. She struggled on, the wind almost knocking her over the edge. ‘Thalia!’ she cried before stumbling on a pebble. ‘Thalia!’ Maria was looking for her long lost daughter and a fortune teller had told her to seek BloodhurstCave. Years of searching had madeDisplay

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