Nature's Serenity

Spandan Adhikari
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On reaching the Panthera International Airport, Muzful Islam was struck by a huge wave of surprise as he noticed the environment. Light blue coloured ponds, huge oak trees and dew drops that shimmered like golden spangled jelabis in the weak January sun. 'As I stepped out on the soft moss, a driver assisted me to his horse carriage. Loading up the heavy luggage, we soon set off', said Muzful. As the cart jingled, Muzful saw the beauties of Panthera. Migratory birds chirped melodiously. Quaint houses with zinc roofs could be seen. Oak trees reached out their branches, as if beckoning to him 'come closer to us'. And within all of this calmness, eagle-eyed soldiers patrolled the spick-and-span streets.

A little later, Muzful arrived at the Coast Hotel. The staff greeted him warmly. 'My feet and hands were numb and stiff because of the biting wind. As soon as I entered my room, I felt snug and cozy. The roaring fire in the grate blazed and made me feel I had sunk into a hot bath after a long, tiresome day. I then sipped some cocoa and fell asleep', recalls Muzful.

Next early morning, as Muzful was a fitness fanatic, he went for morning walks. The sky was becoming a forget-me-not-blue, red mud was noticed, rain was dripping from the zinc roofs, trees were reaching out their branches to scratch Muzful's face, and the music band of birds were chirping their first note. Soon Muzful returned to the hotel, bolted down his breakfast (which consisted of a crust of bread and lip smacking mashed vegetables), and set off for Berk, Panthera's capital.

Half 'n' hour later Muzful was on the Anabell Ship. It set off, leaving a foamy cake on the shallow sea. Panthera had long since become a tiny speck, so Muzful looked towards the salty sea. Fishes were swimming swiftly, their bodies glistening like rubies. In the distance, snow covered mountain peaks seemed like huge, colossal, black towers.

As Muzful arrived at Berk he was spellbound. He was completely bowled over by the natural wildlife.

Clumps of rhododendrons were scattered everywhere. Nearby a clear river was flowing, making the usual plish-plash noise. A gaggle of geese were swimming in the river, making a gentle ripple. Even though Berk was a small island, it was set amidst an oasis of greenery. Cattle were grazing on the lush, green grass. Muzful noticed Panthera flags waving vigorously in the wind on top of wooden fences. Guards were scouting, keeping a firm eye. There were gay buildings that attracted tourists. About 10 km away, there stood an elegant castle which was the residence of the government.

Soon it was time to return. So, after reaching Panthera, Muzful packed up his suitcase and reached the airport. Then he bid bye to the staff and returned to his home at Zerta.

Life in Panthera is a far cry from main cities. So, for a relaxing tour just land at Panthera and chill your hot mind.


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