The Secret Club

Saanvi Udawat

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Ria. She had a dog-called Johnny.

One night Ria saw her dog was wearing a suit and walking on 2 feet. Ria was very shocked. She couldn’t believe what was happening. She went to her dog and said, “Oh my God! Is this really happening? Johnny! You can walk on two feet? You are wearing a suit?” Johnny replied in human voice and said, “I knew that you would get to know about this one day.” She pinched her cheek and realized that she wasn’t dreaming.

Johnny said again, “Let me take you to a place.” Then Johnny took the girl towards a red car. Johnny was riding the car. Ria was still very surprised. When they reached, they saw a big building, which was decorated with colorful lights. On the second floor of the building was a big restaurant and there were many other dogs. Johnny told Ria that all dogs come here after a hard day to relax. Ria saw some Poodles singing, dancing and eating. A Labrador came with some drinks for Ria and her dog.

Then Ria told Johnny that she really liked the place. Johnny said, “You shouldn’t tell anyone about this place. You can come here anytime but please don’t tell anyone about this place. This is our secret.” Ria happily agreed.


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