A Tale of Two Unicorns

Aanya Sharma

A tale of two unicorns

By: Aanya Sharma

Once upon a time, there were two unicorn sisters. They were fondly called Ally and Sally by everyone. Ally and Sally were not only sisters, but they were the best of friends too. They liked to eat, play, go to school and do everything together. Nothing could break them apart!

One day, there was a running race contest at the school. Both Ally and Sally were very fast runners and they were sure they would win if they participated. They were very excited to participate together. And there were other friends too, who were all going to run.

The referee blew the whistle… toooot!! Everyone started running. Ally and Sally were running as fast as they could. They were running so fast that they passed everyone in very little time. The audience was cheering… ‘Look at the unicorn sisters, they are so fast, like lightening!’ hearing the cheers, they ran even faster. They barely looked at each other.

Suddenly Sally hit a stone on the race track. She got hurt. She fell down, her leg was bleeding. She called Ally for help, she groaned with pain. But Ally wouldn’t stop or look. She had only one thought on her mind… She had to win this race!

Ally reached the finish line. The referee announced, ‘We have a winner, Ally Unicorn.’ But, there was no applause from the crowd. Ally was surprised. She had won but no one was clapping for her. She turned back to see if her sister Sally was close behind her. But she was not there! Ally was worried that something bad had happened.

Ally started running back. Soon she reached the spot where Sally was lying injured, and all the racers had stopped to help her. Ally felt awful. She was not there for her sister when she needed her the most. ‘Why didn’t you call me, Sally?’ asked Ally to her sister. ‘I did! But you didn’t stop. I was hoping you would come back to help me, but you didn’t!’ cried Sally.

Ally felt miserable for her behavior. She sat down to give first aid to Sally. She bandaged her foot. The bleeding stopped. She offered some water to Sally to drink. Sally felt better. She could walk now. At the dais, the judges announced that Ally was the winner of the race and called her to collect her prize. But Ally wouldn’t go. She didn’t care for a prize when her sister was hurt. She held the hand of her sister, Sally and, started walking towards the finish line again!

When both the sisters reached the finish line, they hugged. Ally promised never to leave Sally alone again. She understood that true joy of winning is participating together and caring for each other! The crowd cheered for Ally and Sally. They were happy that the unicorn sisters finished the race together. They witnessed a beautiful story real friendship!



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