Dina and Yoyo

Sharmila Roy Ghosal

Dina the elephant was returning home one day in the forest, when a fierce storm started raging.  It was almost evening.
Dina hurried, suddenly passing by a tree she heard a loud cawing.  She stopped.
Looking at the tree Dina saw a nest.  A young crow was crying for its mother.
The branch on which the nest had been built was swaying dangerously.  Any moment it could fall.  Dina felt pity for the young crow.  She thought of her own baby Tina.
An idea struck her.  Dina lifted her trunk and encircled the branch on which the nest was built.  While the other branches of the tree swayed, this branch remained steady in the grip of her trunk.
Yo Yo the mother crow who had been out searching for food for her young, returned home to see Dina holding the branch of the tree on which her nest was built.
Until the storm subsided Dina went on holding the branch of the tree in one position.  Yo Yo was overcome with gratitude, for Dina had cared for her chick when she was away.  From that day onwards the two became best of friends.
They went to the lake for a dip in the water together.  Very often Yo Yo perched on Dina’s back travelled the length and breadth of the jungle.
Yo Yo however was not happy.  ‘Dina has done a great service by saving my baby but I have not been able to do anything for her’, she sighed.  ‘How can I compare myself with Dina.  I am only a crow and she is so strong and big’.

One day Tina the baby elephant fell sick.  She complained of pain in the stomach.  Alfred zebra the local doctor, prescribed pills prepared from the juices of herbs collected from the forest.  One pill was to be taken every day for seven days.
Tina however refused to take the pill as it had a bitter taste.  Tina’s health deteriorated and Dina became very worried.
Yo Yo also became depressed.  Something ought to be done.  Suddenly she thought of an idea.
“Why don’t we put the pill in an apple and give it to Tina to eat?”  She asked Dina.  “Tina is very fond of apples isn’t she?”
Dina readily agreed but how could they put the pill inside the apple?  Yo Yo decided to use her beak.  With its sharp and pointed edge she made a small hole in the apple.  The pill was the put into it and the top sealed with honey which Yo Yo brought from the hive of Runa the bee.  Since Yo Yo and Runa were friends the latte agreed to give Yo Yo the honey.
Tina happily munched the apples.  Very soon the pain in her stomach subsided and Tina recovered.
Dina was grateful to Yo Yo and the latter was happy to have been able to repay her friend’s debt and the two remained inseparable for life.


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