Puffer Bunny and the Escape to the Meadow

Francis Allgood

Once upon a time, there was a little bunny named Puffer Bunny. He was so fluffy that everyone wanted to cuddle him. He lived with some kids in a comfortable bungalow. The kids were named BoBo, Bobby, and Kit. Bobby was especially fond of little Puffer because he had raised him from a baby.

One day they were playing in the back yard and Puffer Bunny took off jumping and prancing. He wiggled under the fence and headed off through the pasture behind the house. By the time the kids could get over the fence, Puffer was long gone.

Meanwhile, Puffer had scurried down into a hole and was crawling through a long tunnel. He felt something wet and cold. He held his breath in fear, but when his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he realized he was nose to nose with another little bunny! He let out a sigh of relief! The new little bunny whispered, "My name is Doodlebug." Doodlebug took Puffer by the paw and led him down through more passages and into a cozy little burrow. His brothers and sisters were snuggled together, all warm and safe. There was Dipsy, Dapper, and Dolly and the baby twins, Digger and Dodger. Puffer was thrilled to see a whole family of bunnies!

However, outside of the little burrow, the kids were worried sick about their little bunny. They saw a little fox trot off into the deep woods. They just knew that the fox had gotten their little Puffer. Bobby cried quietly while Bobo and Kit tried to figure out what to do. BoBo said, "Guys, it's time we headed home."

All the kids climbed back over the fence and trudged home. The night was long with worry.

Back in the bunny burrow, Puffer was really enjoying himself. He and Doodlebug slipped out for a little mischief. See Puffer was always exploring and Doodlebug could never say no to an adventure. The two frisky bunnies frolicked towards the woods. Just as they were approaching a rotten log, a rattle-snake slithered up. The two bunnies froze. The snake had the bunnies cornered. Their hearts were pounding so loud that the earth shook. The snake said, "Yum, dinner!" And his body lurched forward at Doodlebug. Quickly, Puffer Bunny jumped over the snake, grabbed the rattle, and shook it with all his might! What a sound it made! That snake jumped up in surprise—which gave the two buddies just enough time to bound on outa' there.

Doodlebug's mom rang the dinner bell just as they were coming back to the rabbit hole. She saw the looks on their faces and gave them each a hearty hug. She had fixed a dinner of cabbage and carrots, and they ate all they could eat. When the fluffy little bunnies finished their dinner, they invited Puffer to spend the night. He was delighted!

The next morning, Puffer pranced on home to his little bungalow. The kids were overjoyed that he was safe!

© Copyright 1999 Francis Allgood


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