St. Uny Fairy School

Imogen Morris

Once upon a time there was a school for fairies called St Uny High and the fairies in that school were always extremely good. In the school there was a very special group of friends, their names were Silvermist who wore a beautiful blue dress and at 14 years old the eldest of them all. Then there was Idressa who was 12 and wore a sunburst yellow dress. Next was Tinkerbell who was 11 and wore an emerald green dress. Then came Rosetta at 10 years old and wore a ruby red dress. Vidia was next at 9 years old who loved wearing her pretty purple dress then finally there was Fawn who at 8 years of age was the youngest of all the friends and wore a ginger orange dress.

One weekend they were playing in the woods and an idea popped into Fawns head. “Hey Guys! Shall
we go to Unicorn Meadow?” The friends were not so sure and a little scared but reluctantly agreed. So they all flew off to the meadow, but when they reached there the Unicorns had mysteriously disappeared, however fortunately Silvermist with her special powers could sense where they had gone. She said “Guys, they have gone over the hill to the Cold Side of the meadow.”

Now the Cold Side was an area at the furthest point of Unicorn Meadow and it was strictly forbidden for any fairies to go near it by their Head teacher, Miss Lopez. But they simply had to find the Unicorns.

So they plucked up the courage and flew on up and over the hill. Not that far on they saw one of the Unicorns, Vidia used her magic fairy dust to round him up and sent him back over to the safe side. Then Tinkerbell saw another Unicorn and rounded that one up with her magic wand and sent him on his way back. Next Idressa rounded a Unicorn up, then Silvermist, then Fawn, then Rosetta but there was one more still missing.

On they flew closer and closer to the Cold Side, until they came across another friend who was Tinkerbelle’s 15 year old sister, Periwinkle, who wore a snowy white dress and was standing next to the last missing Unicorn. “Hi Sis” said Tinkerbelle, “Why are you here?”

“I had a strange dream last night” said Periwinkle, “I dreamt that the Unicorns were in trouble so here I am, let’s get this one rounded up and back to the safe side of the meadow.”

So Periwinkle waved her wand above her head to cast her magic over the Unicorn but...... something strange happened.

The clouds darkened, the wind whistled as the leaves blew off of the trees. The thunder roared as a bolt of lightning struck the ground not twenty feet from them. Suddenly there in front of them stood their Head teacher, Miss Lopez, in the form of a hideous old troll. Her skin was a grotesque green colour with ugly hairy warts on her face. Her hair was filthy and knotty and her clothes were no more than hanging, dirty rags.

“Girls!” Exclaimed Miss Lopez, “I am furious with you all for disobeying my rules and coming over to the Cold Side of the meadow!”

Silver Mist explained “We didn’t mean to come over to the Cold Side of the meadow, but we had to get the Unicorns back to their field.”

Fawn then asked “What has happened to you Miss Lopez?”

Miss Lopez replied “This is who I am. This is where I live. I told you not to come here, but you did! And now this is where you will have to stay forever as you cannot ever return home. My secret
cannot ever get out....ever!”

Suddenly a long, crooked, magic stick appeared in Miss Lopez’s hand, she lifted it high above her head to cast her evil spell on the fairies, when Tinkerbelle suddenly shouted “Stop!!! You don’t have to do this Miss Lopez.”

“You can come back with us and still be our Head teacher” Idressa added.

“You don’t have to live out here, Miss.” Vidia stressed.

“You can still be a troll and a Head teacher.” Rossetta said, “But just be a kind troll and a nice Head teacher”.

Miss Lopez’s face once again screwed up in anger as she raised her magic staff again to cast her evil spell and all the fairies shouted “We love you, please come back with us!”

“After all” Said Tinkerbelle, “We are all different but we can still be kind and thoughtful to each other.”

Miss Lopez’s scowling face slowly relaxed as she gradually lowered her staff. Tears began to roll down her cheeks and a huge beaming smile appeared on her face.

“Thank you my beautiful fairies” Said Miss Lopez in a now softer voice.

With that silver light shone from behind the fairies Head teacher and wrapped around her like a stunning twinkling cloak. A moment later the silver light faded and now a beautiful young Miss Lopez stood in front of them. The fairies stood with their mouths open.

Miss Lopez explained, “You have just broken a 400 year old spell which was put on me by an evil old Witch. The spell was to turn me into a Troll after the home time bell rang at the end of the school day and would return me to normal just before the start of school the following morning. I lived over here on the Cold Side of the meadow so not to scare any of you, my lovely fairies. The spell would only be broken if any of my fairies would show me kindness and love when I was in my Troll form, and you did, I am so grateful to you my lovelies.”

And with that Miss Lopez gathered up the last remaining Unicorn and turned towards her beautiful Fairies and said “Shall we go home ladies?” They all smiled and nodded as they turned to make their way back to St Uny High, where they all lived happily fairy ever after!


Imogen Morris


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