A Tom Girl

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A “Tom Girl”

“Somer, it time to go to Big Momma’s house!” shouted her baby brother. “Come on, it is

time to go!”

Every summer for two week, Somer and her baby brother would go to their

grandmother’s house in the country.

Somer loved spending time with her Big Momma in her garden, and sitting on the front

porch learning all about her family’s history.

“What was my mother like as a girl?” Somer would ask her Big Momma. “Did she look

and act like me?”

“She looked just like you,” replied Big Momma.

Early the next morning, Somer’s baby brother got up to go fishing with his friends. Now,

during the school year, Somer had to wear a pretty dress, but while at Big Momma’s

house, she wore blue jeans with holes in the knees.

“What do you call yourself doing?” asked Somer’s baby brother. “You can’t go fishing

with the boys.”

“And, why not,” said Somer. “I will catch a bigger fish than all of you boys put together.”

“You are nothing but an old Tom Boy,” teased Somer’s baby brother. “You will be afraid

to bait your hook with a worm, or even catch a fish.”

After retrieving a cane pole from the shed, Somer slowly walked behind the boys to the


"Hey, where are the worms!” shouted Somer.

Somer then went over to the can of worms and got a big juicy one out. She baited her

hook and tossed the line out in the lake. Some of her brother’s friends just stared in


About thirty minutes later, Somer’s pole was almost snatched from her hands. And,

with all of her might, she pulled straight up.

“I got a fish!” shouted Somer. “And, it is a big one!”

“Don’t lose it!” shouted Somer’s baby brother. “You have a catfish!”

Seconds later, the biggest fish Somer or any of the boys came sailing straight out of the

water. Somer reeled in her fish and took it off of the hook and into the bucket.

The other boys just stared in amazement.

“Somer, were exactly where you fishing?” asked the other boys. “Show me how you

cast in your line.”

Somer’s brother stood by the bank.

Eventually, Somer’s brother broke his silence, "Hey, sis, can you show me how to fish?"

The End


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