The Bakery

Matilde Koopman

Early Sunday morning at 7 am, the chef baker and confectioner, Monica, walked to her bakery, "Sweet Tooth." She walked right through the park and then around the corner. She knew the way like the back of her hand because she had inherited the bakery from her dad. As a child, Monica always came to the bakery and her dad taught Monica how to bake and decorate cakes. Her dad was known for the best and most beautiful cakes. Around the corner, Monica saw a man waiting to visit the bakery.

"Are you not open on Sundays?" The man asked.

"Yes, of course we are, let me just find my keys." Monica responded. Monica fumbled with the keys trying to find the right one.

They walked into the old bakery and right behind came Monica's good friend and colleague Nina. "Hey Monica!" Nina said.

"Hallo Nina! Can you help me in the back kitchen?" Monica asked.

Nina nodded and smiled.

Then Nina and Monica left the back kitchen and started baking cupcakes and some wedding cakes.
Nina walked out with some decoration cakes for the display disk. But then she saw the man from

"Monica!! Look! It's the critic from New York Times!" Nina yelled from the window in the kitchen door.

"What??! I'll go out there and take his order!" Monica whispered. Then Monica walked out to take his order. Monica stepped softly on the white floor to take the critic's order with a very gentle tone. "Give me the best you have. Surprise me!" He said with a serious smile.

Monica hurried out in the kitchen. "He said I should surprise him! What do I give him? The orange chocolate cake? Or the Apple with cinnamon pie? I'm stressed!" Monica asked desperately.

"Monica! Relax...I don't know what we should give him. Hmm....Wait!" Nina said and ran down in the
basement and came up with a slip from an old paper. Monica recognized the old slip. It was her dad's favorite recipe. Nina handed Monica the paper. On the paper was a recipe of Mousse au Chocolate aux Bleuets. Monica had never made this before, but she had to take the chance. It will take time. Monica thought if she brought the man a coffee or something he would wait a little longer for the dessert. So Monica walked out and asked if he would wait. Of course he would if he could get a better dessert. Nina and Monica worked harder then ever to prepare this special dessert. Soon the dessert was ready but it missed something.

Of course! Aux bleuets! The blueberries!

"Here you go! I hope it was worth the wait," Monica said with a big smile on her face. The critic lifted his spoon and all the flavors exploded in his mouth and on his taste buds. When he was finished, he said to Monica, "You should check the New York Times paper tomorrow."

Next morning, Monica and Nina waited in desperation for the paperboy on the stairs. As soon as
he came, Monica ripped the paper out of his hands.

"Sweet Tooth is a surprising bakery. They understand flavor combinations, and also how to decorate
fantastically. I had no expectations for this visit, honestly, I just thought it was a normal, boring
bakery. But it was more than that. That dessert I got was a delightful piece of heaven. And it is rare that I say that. So I give them 5 stars!" Written by the critic John Smith.

Nina and Monica smiled at each other and hugged. We did it! They yelled.

©2013 Matilde Koopman


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