Maggie, Coco and Dojo

Maggie, Coco and Dojo By Aanya Sharma Once upon a time, there were two little sisters, Maggie and Coco. They studied at the International Jolly Golly School.  One day, the two girls were returning home from school.  On the way, they saw a dog following them and wagging his tail.  The dog was very cuteDisplay

Lily’s First day at School

Once upon a time their lived a girl named Lily.  She lived with her parents in a big city.  It was her first day at school.  She was going to grade 5.  That morning she was sleeping.  Her best friend Rosy tried doing something funny to Lily.  ‘’Haha lets steal Lily’s clock!’’ said Rosy.  AfterDisplay

A fun summer holiday

A fun summer holiday By Aanya Sharma It was a hot Sunday afternoon in summer.  Two friends, Jessie and Bessie were feeling bored.  They wanted to play outdoors but the sun was too harsh.  “If only we could get a dip in the water, that would cool us down”, said Jessie.  “I agree!”, said Bessie.Display

My holiday to Goa

Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Emma.  She lived with her parents and her younger brother, Lucas.  They all were going on a road trip to Goa.  All of them were very excited!  They got into the car and went on the pleasant road. “Father how long will it take to reachDisplay

The Lazy King’s Lesson

THE LAZY KING’S LESSON By: Aanya Sharma Once upon a time, there was a king who ruled a big kingdom in India. He was very fat and lazy. He always used to sit and do nothing, just eat and sleep. He slept till late in the day and snored the loudest. He had a wifeDisplay

The Great Camping Adventure

Story by Carleigh Once upon a time, there was a girl named Carleigh and a boy named Archie. They went on a camping holiday with their Mammy and Daddy and set up their tent in a big forest. After setting up the tent they went on an adventure through the forest with their Mammy andDisplay

Tia's Unicorn

Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Tia.  She loved unicorns. One night when she was sleeping she saw something glowing.  She went near it and saw that it was a real unicorn. "Oh my God!" she said.  She patted the unicorn on it's back.  She named the unicorn Pinky pie! "Hello!  IDisplay


Once upon a time there lived a girl named Lily. She loved cupcakes. So she decided to make cupcakes with her brother. His name was Rahul. Rahul and Lily began making their cupcakes. “What all ingredients do we need Rahul?” Lily asked. “We need coco powder, flour, water, oil, sugar, a pinch of salt, bakingDisplay

A Win for Winnie

Winnie is a cat. He LOVED playing fetch. The only problem was that he had neither an owner or a single friend. He had longed for one since he was a kitten. But no one wanted to play with him and he had no idea why! So he went to the playground to ask otherDisplay

The Duck and Buck

Once apon a time, a duck wanted to buy an apple. The fruit store sign said, “One apple for a dollar!”. He did not know much about dollars, so he went to his neighbor and asked, “How much is one dollar?”  The neighbor said, “One dollar is one buck.” The duck thought, “A buck wouldDisplay

Wildfire |Chapter 4|

|Chapter 4| Wildfire was speeding towards her sister, leaping over a bucket of freshly cut flowers.  The sounds of mice protesting and grumbling loudly after she pushed them out of her way barely meant anything to the mouse.  She ran around a corner, and rushed towards the cloud elevator, which worked quite like a waterwheel,Display

Wildfire |Chapter 3|

|Chapter 3| Oh no. Oh no, no no! There’s only once chance. I need to find out where she is, that’s all I need. Even just a little clue. ‘Lavender!’ Wildfire screamed, her eyes widening in fear. No answer Did I really just lose her?    What will I do?          WhereDisplay

Wildfire |Chapter 2|

|Chapter 2| ‘Hold my paw,’ Fire told her sibling. ‘Okie dokie!’  Lavender said, slipping her paw into Wildfire’s.  ‘Stay beside me, and don’t let go of my paw, because the streets are always crowded on Mondays.’  Wildfire cast a worried look at her sister, who was now skipping al- ong with her, trying to keepDisplay

The Girl That Was an Angel #1

Once there was a girl called December, she and her family thought she was an ordinary kid but, she was actually an angel.  God had sent her down to earth because he thought it would be a good opportunity to let December know what humans are like.  Now let’s finally start the story! Chapter 1Display

Wildfire |Chapter 1|

| Prologue | “Ma’am, the Groundrels are coming.” Said a stiff, grey mouse in shiny silver armor. “Prepare.. The Troops.” Said a gentle voice. “But we never use them!” He wheezed. “I know, General Wislley, but just this once, we have to.” Wislley growled, mumbling to himself, “The Troops.. Who knows what’s next!” He doubtfullyDisplay

The Lady Bug

Once upon a time there lived a lady bug.  It was alone.  It had no one to play with.   One day it went out to walk and found a butter fly on the way. He thought that the butterfly could be his friend.  And then he asked the butterfly, “will you be my friend?”Display

The Friendly Fox

Once upon a time, no, wait, on a land far away?… no … on a mountain? sure!  On a mountain far away, it was 5:00am and the animals started to wake up.  All the animals were happy because it was the Forest’s two hundredth birthday.  The animals were happily making yummy food like cookies andDisplay

The Brave Girls

Once upon a time, there was a little girl. She lived in a kingdom ruled by Queen Milly. This kingdom was named as Monoly. She was living happily with her grandparents in Monoly. She loved her grandparents a lot. Her name was Sarah. She had a friend named Lucy. They loved to play together. TheyDisplay

The Christmas Gifts

Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Sally. She wanted a small gift from Santa this year. She wanted that her mother to be happy always. It was Christmas Eve. Santa was coming tonight. When she was sleeping she planned that this year she would see Santa for sure. When Santa will pickDisplay

Tropical Adventure in the Magic Shed

One bright sunny day Molly went to Sophie’s house for a Sunday play date. “What are we going to play today?” Molly asked. ”How about football? It is the World Cup these days!” And with that they happily skipped to the back yard. They were having a lovely time until the ball hit the magicDisplay

Monster in the Jungle

Monster in the Jungle Once upon a time a wise lion lived in the jungle.  He was always respected for his intelligence and kindness.  All the animals used to go to him to discuss their problems.  He was the best king they could ever had. a few miles away from the jungle there was anDisplay

My Imaginary Unicorn

If I were a princess I would ride a unicorn. It would be called Glisten and she would be my best friend forever. We would go and explore tropical islands together every month. We would eat rainbow coloured ice cream with pink and violet sprinkles. The thing with unicorns is, they’re very precious and youDisplay

The jelly monster

Once upon a time there lived a girl called Alice . She went to the museum one day. But, the museum was closed because every day lots of the new guards were missing. Alice was secretly an agent of the famous detective:Mr John Clove. She wanted to find out what was happening every day. SheDisplay


THE GIRL WHO TRIED TO FLY Once upon a time, there was a girl named Lily. She was four. She always tried to fly. She jumped off of a chair. Boom! Her mom Kate came running in. “Are you ok?” said her mom. “Yes” said Lily, but Lily did not give up. She jumped offDisplay

Unity is strength

The Sticks Once in a kingdom, there were two boys named Tom and Robert. They lived on a farm. Robert was the elder brother. They would always fight. When their father buys something for Tom, Robert would get angry and fight and vice versa. One day their father decided to have a competition. There wasDisplay

Phoenix Adventure in the Magic Shed

Molly and Sophie were best friends. They were neighbours and loved exploring. You might remember them from their mermaid adventure. Molly went to Sophie’s house with the magic wooden shed. “It’s taking forever for the pancakes to get done cooking.” said Sophie swaying her dark brown hair. “Hey! We could go play in the inDisplay

Mermaid Adventure in the Magic Shed

Once upon a time there were two girls and they were best friends so it was lucky that they were neighbors. They were both 7 years old and loved adventures. Their names were Molly and Sophie. Molly wore a bow, a ballerina skirt and a white shirt. Sophie wore a flower in her hair, twoDisplay

Emily and Lavendar

EMILY AND LAVENDER In a small town in Wales, there lived a girl.  Her name was Emily and she was 8 years old.  She lived in a small house with her parents.  She was a very nice little girl, whose eyes shone always with a sparkle.  She had a small round nose and tiny redDisplay

Ant and Chrysalis

The Ant and the Chrysalis One day Ant was walking in a forest and came across a Chrysalis. “Oh Chrysalis, I feel so bad for you. I can run, jump, and climb while you just sit there. Hanging on that branch,” said Ant boastfully. But inside the Chrysalis was someone special, Someone that Ant couldn’tDisplay

Just a Race

Once upon a time there were 2 twin brothers who were not alike at all. Their names where Tim, and Tom. The twin brothers lived right across a candy shop. Tom always chooses the spicy candy to eat, on the other hand Tim always chooses the sweet candy to eat. One day as they wereDisplay

Ginger and the six cats

Ginger and the six cats It was a lovely day in the meadow and all of ginger’s six brothers and sisters were playing in the meadow’s freshly grown grass. All of her brothers and sisters were grey, but ginger was a gold colour with orange stripes. Gingers brother’s and sister’s names were; Gray, Tom, Linx,Display


James was from a royal family. He was the son of King Jordan. One day, King Jordan decided to make one of his sons his heir. Julian, Johnathan, and James were excited and nervous. Their challenge was to battle against the cruel ruler of London. They had to fight together and the one who toDisplay

Sam the Mouse

In a faraway land named Bookville there was a library, but it was not a normal library it was a floating library! Many people came to the library on boats and cars. Hundreds of people filled the library everyday. At night a little mouse named Sam came out and took papers from the librarians desk,Display

Nature’s Serenity

On reaching the Panthera International Airport, Muzful Islam was struck by a huge wave of surprise as he noticed the environment. Light blue coloured ponds, huge oak trees and dew drops that shimmered like golden spangled jelabis in the weak January sun. 'As I stepped out on the soft moss, a driver assisted me toDisplay

My Family – The Loved Family

Once upon a time, there was a nice, loving family. There were two girls and one boy and their momma. They loved everything about eachother. And they were always doing nice things for eachother. The family lived happy together. They always all wanted to go together to the same places. The family went to theirDisplay

The Lost Boy

Once upon a time, there was a boy named James. He always got pushed around. One day, a wizard appeared in front of the boy. The wizard gave James three wishes. One of James wishes was that tge wizard could make James go away. The next day James tried to make a wish, but heDisplay

Pig , Goat and Sheep

Once upon a time there was a Pig named Laali and the Goat named as Lilly. They had a desire to look around the hills and feel the fresh air. So they both decided to go to the hills, when their Master let them free on Sunday's. They were waiting for sunday very eagerly. ThatDisplay

Brent’s favourite milkshake

One day, Brent was very thirsty. He wanted a milkshake. He asked his mum to take him to the cpgrocery story to get the ingredients for his milkshake. "What flavour milkshake do you want, Brent?" Asked his mum. "I want a blueberry milkshake, please, mum!" Replied Brent. Brent's mum pulled out a list. On thatDisplay

An Owl Scared of Lightening And Thunder

Once upon a time, there was an owl who was very friendly and lived in a large home.  Everyone loved to sleep over on Friday nights. Although she was a little naughty, she always listened to her Mom. She asked lots of questions and shared her hopes and fears. Her mom tried to teach herDisplay

Just an Ordinary Boy

Just an Ordinary Boy “Getting bullied again, are we?” asked Mr Thompson unsympathetically. “Yes I am,” replied Ben in a low and nervous voice. “Well, we will deal with this next week; keep on writing in your feelings diary.” Ben skulked out of the unpredictable Headmaster’s office, whilst fiddling with the wrecked sleeves of hisDisplay


“Ready Adrian? Or you might exchange your meagre blade for a revolver?” “No, thanks Hector. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. You might never know which time a blade is handy.” “Well, then. Get a whiff of fresh air before covering your face with a cloth.” Left to my own resources,Display


My baby brother’s first day was so much fun. I went to the hospital to see him and his eyes opened and saw the new world he was in. It was a great feeling to hold him in my hands. Inside the hospital I got snacks and water from a vending machine. And then weDisplay

The Stubborn Turnip

Once upon a time, there lived an old lady and an old man and they planted peas, green beans, and one enormous turnip. One day, the old man had an idea. The old man went to fetch three black cats, two dogs, a farmer, five pigs, sixteen hens, a thousand chicks, and one hundred andDisplay

Buddy and Diamond

Buddy and Diamond are my pet gerbils. One day Buddy got Diamond to stand on her shoulders and open the cage. They climbed out. They went to my room and got in the toy jeep and they drove out of my room. They drove down the stairs. They drove out the dog door and droveDisplay

The Sock and the Little Boy

Once upon a time there was a little sock. He was going to the lake to go fishing. Just then, a little boy passed by. The little boy held his nose because he thought that the sock smelled. Just then he had an idea. Since the garbage was right next to him, he decided toDisplay

If I Had a Sister

If I had a sister, we would play dolls, dance, have fun, play, and make a snowman in the soft snow. On Easter, I would let her find the most eggs, and I would help her pick apples from a tall tree that I can reach. At Christmas time, I would share my toys withDisplay

You’re the best, James

It’s all white. I sat inside and looked out the window. The only colors that broke the white line were James and the other kids from school. They were up on the hill in front of the school and just 40 feet away. The hill was the highest in town. Every kid went there onDisplay

The Bakery

Early Sunday morning at 7 am, the chef baker and confectioner, Monica, walked to her bakery, “Sweet Tooth.” She walked right through the park and then around the corner. She knew the way like the back of her hand because she had inherited the bakery from her dad. As a child, Monica always came toDisplay

The Beautiful Little Butterfly

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful butterfly with purple and yellow wings. Sadly, the butterfly was being held in a cage as a pet of a little girl. The butterfly loved the little girl but wished she had a butterfly family of her own. Then one day, the butterfly flew out of herDisplay

Lost Treasure of the Island

John and his brother Steve were on a boat off the coast of Western Australia. They were about to go deep-sea diving. Their hearts beat faster as they dived into the indigo ocean. Their mouths nearly fell open at the mesmerizing sight below. Dozens of fish swam everywhere. Queer plants were situated on equally peculiar rocks. The two boysDisplay

The Legend

There once was a child who lived with her grandfather. Her grandfather always told her stories at night. When the little child grew up she always love reading, she nearly read all the books that her grandfather had but her grandfather said “look my dear this is a book that I’ve been saving for thisDisplay

Toys Make False Friends

One day in Greenville, a dog named Rusty just got some new toys. Then he heard something and saw a big moving truck pull into the driveway next door and the license plate said Snobby State of Arizona. Everyone in Snobbyville was selfish and jealous of each other. While Rusty was relaxing in the yardDisplay

The Boy and his Grades


My Trip to the Beach

A long time ago, I went to the beach. Before we left, we loaded all our beach gear into the car. Continuing down the road my sister and two brothers and I sang songs to keep from falling into the depths of boredom. Deciding where to stop for dinner was a real challenge. Everyone wantedDisplay

Smart Dog and Mr. Gooberman

Once upon a time, there was a really weird man. His name was Mr. Gooberman. He had a dog. His dog was very smart. One day they went for a walk. They played on the playground for one hour. They had a lot of fun. Then it rained so they had to leave. They wentDisplay

Nick the Mule Deer

Once upon a time there was a young little mule deer lost in the woods. He was a small deer, with large, mule like ears. His name was “Nick.” Nick spent many days wandering through the woods in search of his family. Along his travels, Nick ran into many other animals. One of the animalsDisplay

How the Dolphin Got its Squeak

Once upon a time there was a dolphin named Chloe. Chloe is beige, black, and white. Chloe had a sister named Maddy and another sister named Victoria, and of course, a mom and dad. One day, I think it was a Saturday, Chloe was watching water-wars and eating Bay’s chips and when she talked wellDisplay

The Witch’s Messangers

The wind blew in Maria’s hair. It reminded her of the curse. She struggled on, the wind almost knocking her over the edge. ‘Thalia!’ she cried before stumbling on a pebble. ‘Thalia!’ Maria was looking for her long lost daughter and a fortune teller had told her to seek Bloodhurst Cave. Years of searching hadDisplay

Silver Dog

Once upon a time, there was a girl and her name was Kayla. One day when she was walking, she found a dog. It was silver. She took it home with her. When her Mom saw it she said, “Kayla where did you get that dog!?” “I got it at the pet shop,” she fibbed.Display

The Fairy Castle

There once lived two children named Kate and Harry. They had a marvelous garden and they loved to play in it. One sunny, Spring day, Kate’s blue hair ribbon came out of her hair while she was playing in the garden with Harry. The breeze blew it down a little path. Kate chased after it,Display

The Book

Kate skimmed through, with her fingers, all the books in the library. She was in a hurry because she had to have this done before class started again. “I’ve looked at every one of the books in the library.” I said out loud. “Shhh.” The librarian took her index finger up to her lips. “Sorry,”Display

My Vacation to California (from India)

Last year, my Mom and I joined my Dad in California during the summer vacation. We started from Delhi, India late night and flew to Los Angeles. My Dad came to pick us up and we drove to Orange County where we had an apartment. The drive was fast with wide roads and big cars.Display

A Forgiving Friend

There once was a very nice boy named Tim. Tim had nice hair. Tim had a friend named Maura who also had nice hair. Maura wasn’t very nice to Tim. One day the two friends went to get a haircut together. Tim’s haircut was great and he loved it, but Maura didn’t like hers atDisplay

The Secret Diary

John woke up to realize that his summer vacation had begun. He got off his bed and went for breakfast. He was wondering how to spend his holidays when his mother reminded him to finish his breakfast fast!! Soon the doorbell rang and yes!! His friends were there. They all proceeded towards the playground toDisplay

The Tale of Super Dutch

It was a rainy morning and Dutch the dog had nothing to do. “Oh I wish it wasn’t raining outside I would really like to play with my friends!” said Dutch. Dutch went into the kitchen to see what her owner was up to. “Why hello Duchess what have you been up to?” asked herDisplay


It’s was a sunny day. The green and yellow fields were so beautiful in the sun. I looked out at the window. ” Marley!” I shouted. Marley was my dog and my only friend. When I called him he came as fast as he could. I hated school, but I had to go. I saidDisplay

Jack The Horse

Jack is a horse, he lives in the forests. He gets scared very easily because sometimes he would be chased by a lion, and sometimes he would be hunted by hunters. One day, Jack ran into a farmer. The farmer led Jack to the barn, fed him and took good care of him. Jack neverDisplay


Once upon a time there was a little fly named Tweensy. One day Tweensy wanted to go shopping . He went to the grocery market to buy a watermelon, but when he took the watermelon home, he opened it and it was purple. “How did the watermelon turn purple?” thought Tweensy. So he went toDisplay

Zora — the Man of Steel

It was a peaceful day in the wonderful village of Harlem. Mothers were in the markets. Children were playing hide and seek outside their houses. Gardeners were watering their plants with care. Serenity prevailed everywhere. Suddenly, the silence was broken by loud bleating sounds of the sheep. The gardeners dropped their tools and went toDisplay

Milkshake, the Magical Pony

One Friday night, Amy and Izzy arrived with a new pony – Milkshake. Milkshake was a black and white spotted pony with a gorgeous black mane and an amazingly silky, white tail. He was going to share a paddock with Gwilly, the ‘Daddy’ of the place; and Rudy, a rather charming pony. After checking thatDisplay

Stink Bomb Skunk

Once upon a smelly time, there was a skunk that HATED smells!!!!! His name was Kevin. Kevin was often sad; he was made fun of all the time by the high school humans. The other reason why he was sad is because he had no one to care for him: no friends, no family, nothing. Courageously, Kevin tip-toedDisplay

St. Uny Fairy School

Once upon a time there was a school for fairies called St Uny High and the fairies in that school were always extremely good. In the school there was a very special group of friends, their names were Silvermist who wore a beautiful blue dress and at 14 years old the eldest of them all. Then thereDisplay


CORPSE Aaahhhh! Out of nowhere came the murderous scream in the midnight hour in Lord Darberfield’s castle. The maids, butlers and cooks were all the residents who lived in the castle and they came rushing out of their bed rooms holding their candles in their shaking hands and looking pale with utter fright, nearly allDisplay

The Candle

The Candle I was in the basement of my grandma’s house when my grandma called for me to come upstairs. I ran up and she said she was leaving, but my cousin Shayla was coming over. Well my grandma left and I stayed upstairs watching TV for a bit until Shayla came. My grandma hadDisplay

The Beck of Roses Red

The Beck of Roses Red Yesterday, I visited a beck. Not very interesting, you might be saying as you read this. But it is nobig wow whatsoever. This particular beck is haunted by a ghost who was brutally slaughtered in the War of the Roses. Why did I go there? It was because of aDisplay

The Sporty Boy and the Lazy Mother

Once upon a time, there lived a sporty boy named Michael Jordan. And his mother, Mrs. Wright, and she was even lazier than a fat pot-belly pig. And Michael was always treated like a slave. He made lunch, dinner, and breakfast. He was always working even though he’s only three years old. He couldn’t haveDisplay

Jake, The Donkey

Once upon a time, in a place far away there lived a donkey. He didn’t look very smart but he was smart. He used to eat grass all the time. He had no owner at all. One day a man called James came. Then the donkey jumped into the bushes and made no sound atDisplay

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