Wizard Muddle

Jessica Gunawardena & Nicola Perera


The Tree, which should have been brown and green, was purple and pink and blue, instead.

Wizard Muddle scratched his head worriedly.

He was trying to grow a tree by magic, but somehow it wasn’t coming out right. He knew a tree shouldn’t have a purple trunk. Neither should it have pink and blue leaves.

He walked around it. He prodded it. He waved his wand at it and the tree suddenly turned into a rose bush. It was still purple, with blue and pink leaves. The roses were purple. He shook his head, and turned it back into a tree.

He walked around it again. He waved his wand at it again, and this time it turned into a toadstool;toadstool still, purple, pink and blue. He hit it with his wand and it turned back into a tree.

“What’s the matter with you?” He demanded. “Don't you know you should be brown and green?”

He jumped a foot in the air when the tree said crossly, “You made me like this.” “Don't blame me.”

“I didn’t know you could talk.’’ He whispered. “I'm sorry, but I can't make you grow other than in purple, pink and blue.” “I don't know what to do.”

“Some wizard, you are!” laughed the tree. It looked at itself up and down, waving its branches to study the colors.

“Hmm, actually, wizard, I don't mind being different.”

“You don't mind being purple?” Muddle asked incredulously.tree

“No.” “So just keep me like this”

And so, Wizard Muddle was the only person in the forest to have a tree that was purple, pink and blue, and like the tree, he decided that he quite liked being different.

In fact, he painted his house purple, pink and blue!

©2010 Jessica Gunawardena & Nicola Perera


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