A Fortunate Experience

JT Silverman

A Fortunate Experience

Change is defined as to give a different position, course, or direction to. Change is essential in life because you learn from change and it gives you a new route to take in life. Many people in life tend to not understand change but it’s the ones that do who are the successful ones.

For years now I have no idea what I have been doing with my life. I wake up every morning ashamed of the person I am today, and fall asleep with the same mind set. I play everything in life by the book and never do anything out of the ordinary.

I am a 30-year-old lawyer in New York. I spent most of my life in school perusing a job in Law. But being a lawyer was never my dream or goal in life.

I honestly wanted to be a Writer. I have a great imagination and would write amazing stories in my head. I would write about slaying dragons and life far beyond what we can imagine today. I always knew that being a writer was never possible for me because it was a better financial decision to stay a lawyer.

Recently, the days were abnormal for me. Usually I would fall asleep at ten and wake up at seven and drive to my office so I can get to work on time. But for some reason I couldn’t go to sleep, and when I did fall asleep I had the same dream over and over again. It wasn’t a dream I had ever had in the past. The dream starts with me in the ocean trying to go for a swim searching for something, but for some reason I start to drown and I can’t even gasp for air. I have no control over my body. Then a light shines through the bright waters and when I lookup all I can see is myself in a bright white room writing a novel. The I heard a voice say repeatedly “now is the time to try something new”.

The next few days I played it off like nothing happened and went back to my miserable life. I thought to myself it’s just a dream and that it will go away soon. I could not have been any more wrong. It wasn’t just a dream, it was my opportunity to make something good out of my life. But what was I to do? I cant just quit my firm and waste the 9 years of my life that I spent in school trying to get this job. But then I thought I have been following the rules all my life and I have been unhappy. Maybe just this one time I can take a different route and see where that road leads me.

That afternoon I quit my job at the law firm and I couldn’t have been any happier. I walked taller that day. When I got home I threw away my suits and nicely ironed pants and went out and got a pair of ripped jeans and a baggy shirt.

My life started at 30, and every day since that point I haven’t stopped enjoying life. I can now enjoy the smaller things in life like watching the sunset or going for a walk in the park.

I also have found the woman of my dreams and just can’t get enough of her.

Oh and by the way I started to write and have been on the best sellers list for the last 2 months. Things have definitely turned around.

Yes, change is a good thing not just for me but for everyone, it gives us all an opportunity to take a chance.

So my two favorite words on which I live by and so should you are Change and Chance what a great concept…

©2008 JT Silverman


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