Just a Race

shalya vemula

Once upon a time there were 2 twin brothers who were not alike at all. Their names where Tim, and Tom. The twin brothers lived right across a candy shop. Tom always chooses the spicy candy to eat, on the other hand Tim always chooses the sweet candy to eat. One day as they were picking their candy from the candy shop and eating it. While they were eating the candy, their father said to have a race around the park. So they went to the starting line.
As soon as the race began Tom started to run but Tim walked slowly behind. A few minutes later Tom went for a drink of water because he was thirsty of all the running he did and the spicy candy started to kick in. While Tom was drinking Tim got ahead. Then After Tom’s drink was over he looked behind and thought Tim was really behind but really he wasn't. So he sat on a stump and was playing with a twig.
A few minutes later Tim crossed the finish line and he won the race. As soon as Tom found out the news he wasn't mad he congratulated his brother and they lived happily ever after.

By: Shalya Vemula


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