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  • Adventure

    The Wild West Chase

    “Now what?” asked Ivy as she buried her head inside her rough, dirty hands. “This is impossible!”  The burning hot sun made beads of shiny sweat drop down her chin.   The dusty ground swirled around her feet.  “I cannot go under or around the cacti field…but I can go over it!”  “That, pardner, is one great idea,” Ivy’s friend, Karen, praised while she groomed her horse, Saffron’s, hazel colored mane.  “I am sure our horses can leap over the cacti,  they sure do have some long feet.” Karen straightened her horse’s leather saddle…

  • For ages 2-8

    A Sister

    A sister is a friend you didn't choose. A sister is a friend you can never lose. Sisters will always belong together. Sisters will always be best friends forever. ©2018 Elizabeth Wrobel

  • Daily Prayer

    Glory Be Breakdown According to Johanna Schmitz

    Glory be to the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit - Praise the Holy Trinity who will save us sinners. As it was in the beggining - We worshiped the Lord to begin with. Is now - Currently, many people worship the Lord. And ever shall be. - People will always worship the Lord. World without end. - People will go on worshiping the Lord forever because life in heaven will never cease. Amen.

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