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  • A Surprise Gift

    Sammy the young chimp hurried on his way, it was his birthday the next day and he was out to invite his friends to his birthday party. On the way he stopped like every day in front of the cycle shop. The cycle was standing near the window as usual, just the right size for him in black and red. Sammy sighed he would never be able to buy the cycle he knew. His father was without a job for some time. His mother worked in the local bakery and…

  • For ages 2-8

    In the Snow

    In the Snow Angels, angels made of snow, Spreading, spreading wings so slow. Snowballs, snowballs packed so tight, Ready, ready to take flight. Snowman, snowman standing tall, Greeting, greeting one and all. ©2019 Elizabeth Wrobel

  • Daily Prayer

    Glory Be Breakdown According to Johanna Schmitz

    Glory be to the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit - Praise the Holy Trinity who will save us sinners. As it was in the beggining - We worshiped the Lord to begin with. Is now - Currently, many people worship the Lord. And ever shall be. - People will always worship the Lord. World without end. - People will go on worshiping the Lord forever because life in heaven will never cease. Amen.

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