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    Zosimos’ Fate

    Zosimos’ Fate Dark, thunderous clouds loomed over the mighty Diamond Palace. A large group of royal cats waited in front of the opulent structure. Each was dressed in matching royal coats of arms, and branded on their rear with the royal seal ‘BVR.’ Some felines sat quietly – some were grooming, others hissed at their neighbor profusely, whilst others waited to pounce at one another, ears back. Suddenly, a loud fanfare sounded. Their ears pricked up and their differences were immediately extinguished, as a stooped, elderly lady wearing grand clothes…

  • Warm Feelings

    See Beyond

    Black White They make gray And gray is as boring as black and white Add white to red It makes pink And pink is as cool as lemonade Add black to blue It makes the ocean And the ocean is as deep as the sea And if you see beyond the skin You can find colors as beautiful and bright as the sky As deep and meaningful as a lullaby And you can see people the way they want to be seen So see beyond what your eyes limit Look…

  • Bedtime

    Kids nightime prayer

    In the name of the father, the son, the holy spirit, one God, amen. Lord, Jesus Christ, bless us and keep us safe tonight and all the nights of our lives. Keep us away from bad dreams and bad thoughts. Give us good dreams and good thoughts tonight and forever more. Forgive us for all that we have done knowingly and unknowingly, willingly and unwillingly. Awaken the Holy Spirit within us, teach us right from wrong. Take away all the madness, sadness, frustration, anger and despair. Give us happiness, joy,…

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