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  • Good morning, fish

    From the time I was little, I remember catching glimpses of my grandpa heading out into the forest early in the morning before the sun had risen, when most of the earth’s inhabitants were not even beginning to stir. He would carry a small pack, which I knew held a pencil and a notepad. Sometimes I would see him returning from the forest, pack in hand, with a look of wonder on his face. He would always return home in time for lunch, and my grandma would have something yummy…

  • For ages 2-8

    Sleepy Time

    Teeth brushed, House hushed. Jammies zippered, Goodnight whispered. Bowed head, Prayers said. Darkness falling, Sweet dreams calling. Kisses given, Covers snuggled in. Books closing, Eyes dozing. Moonbeams shine, It's sleepy time. © 2018 Elizabeth Wrobel

  • Daily Prayer

    Glory Be Breakdown According to Johanna Schmitz

    Glory be to the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit - Praise the Holy Trinity who will save us sinners. As it was in the beggining - We worshiped the Lord to begin with. Is now - Currently, many people worship the Lord. And ever shall be. - People will always worship the Lord. World without end. - People will go on worshiping the Lord forever because life in heaven will never cease. Amen.

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