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  • Science

    Conner and the Clone Machine

    "I think it's ready." For two years, Conner and his friend Jeremy were spending their spare time on their newest invention: The Clone Machine. Consisting of many well thought out components, they felt like the time and hard work would pay off. The Clone Machine would be used on many objects for the convenience of everyone, including the cloning of people! There was one problem, however. The machine wasn't tested on humans yet. "Are you sure?" asked Jeremy, scratching his head and looking at the masterpiece. "Almost sure of it,"…

  • Poems by Kids

    School Time

    School time School time is nearly over School time is nearly done Time for holidays And time for some fun Having fun with friends in school And learning lots of things Time to go home and have some fun.

  • Bedtime

    My Bedtime Prayer

    The sun has gone to bed The moon is out It is time for me to say my little prayer Oh heavenly father be in my dreams Let your holy angels be by my side as I lay and rock me,rock me till the sun shines again My bedtime prayer

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