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  • Animal Stories

    Mini and Duke

    Mini was a glossy hen. She lived in a house, near the woods, with her master, mistress and their young son, Raja. She was liked by all. As a very important member of the household, Mini was well cared for, petted and fussed over. As a result, she became very self- centered. One day, Raja’s father brought into the house a Labrador called Duke. Lively and alert by nature, Duke soon found favour with his little master. He was given the best dog biscuits to eat, bathed and cleaned regularly.…

  • Daily Prayer

    The Prayer to Save Sinners

    Dear Lord, Please let me suffer for the sinners on Earth and in Purgatory so that they may be able to enter the glories of Heaven. Let me do their penance to save their souls. Amen.

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