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    The Lazy King’s Lesson

    THE LAZY KING’S LESSON By: Aanya Sharma Once upon a time, there was a king who ruled a big kingdom in India. He was very fat and lazy. He always used to sit and do nothing, just eat and sleep. He slept till late in the day and snored the loudest. He had a wife and a little princess. His wife was the queen of the kingdom. She was always worried about her lazy husband. One day, the queen needed some bread, fruits and vegetables to cook and eat. The…

  • Warm Feelings

    Acrostic: Fall

    Floating down from the trees, And dancing on a colorful breeze. Leaping and twirling on this autumn day, Leaves are performing their golden ballet. ©2019 Elizabeth Wrobel

  • Daily Prayer

    Glory Be Breakdown According to Johanna Schmitz

    Glory be to the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit - Praise the Holy Trinity who will save us sinners. As it was in the beggining - We worshiped the Lord to begin with. Is now - Currently, many people worship the Lord. And ever shall be. - People will always worship the Lord. World without end. - People will go on worshiping the Lord forever because life in heaven will never cease. Amen.

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