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    Mermaid Adventure in the Magic Shed

    Once upon a time there were two girls and they were best friends so it was lucky that they were neighbors. They were both 7 years old and loved adventures. Their names were Molly and Sophie. Molly wore a bow, a ballerina skirt and a white shirt. Sophie wore a flower in her hair, two bracelets, a shiny dress and a big red belt. One Saturday morning, Molly got dressed to go to Sophie's house after breakfast. Molly and Sophie went to play in Sophie's shed. Molly found a loose…

  • For ages 2-8

    I am little

    I am little I am feeble Up up I grow Down down never This is my cradle dream

  • Bedtime

    My Bedtime Prayer

    The sun has gone to bed The moon is out It is time for me to say my little prayer Oh heavenly father be in my dreams Let your holy angels be by my side as I lay and rock me,rock me till the sun shines again My bedtime prayer

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