Piggy World

Lanisha renae bell

My name is Ray, the youngest of all the pigs. Then there is Momma Pig, Lisa, Daddy Pig, Earl, and sister Pig Sue. Sister Pig always thinks she's better than all of the other pigs and she always wants her way. Arnold is the farmer who takes care of the pigs every day giving them food and water. “Oink! I got more than you! Mine smells better than yours” says Sue Pig. I really don't get it when Farmer Arnold cooks everything from the same meal. Sue and I are usually grumpy towards each other because she destroys my things on purpose. So in reverse, I do the same to her. Unlike me, when it happens to Sue, she cries like a big crybaby …. Then I'm the one who gets in trouble. She starts smiling because I got in trouble for my actions and she didn’t. I head to my room, snorting because I know it isn’t fair. Daddy Pig says, "Quit being rude." So I just waddle the rest of the way quietly and angrily. Momma Pig told Sue Pig and me that we are brothers and sisters and should not fight. Then she waddles away slowly in the nice shade. Sue and I just look at each other and sigh and walk in the opposite direction, lay in our separate shade, and take a nap. The next, day Farmer Arnold brings our food and water to the table but later Sue comes strolling in sadly, looking all pale in the face. All the other pigs look worried. All the kids start eating their food greedily as normal but Sue still seems weird to everybody else so they look at Sue confused. Everyone wonders why she isn’t eating because everybody knows that pigs love to eat. Mom and Dad Pig finish their food and leave and Sue and I are still seated at the table. I asked Sue, "What is wrong, Sue tell me?” Sue replies, “Why do you care?" Sue and I usually fight and she didn't think I would care about her. I tell her, “Because I love you, Sue." She was surprised with the answer I gave her. "Wow, Ray, I love you, too." Mom and dad are right, we should get along more … and not fight.” Later, again Farmer Arnold comes back with another meal and Sue and Ray beat Momma Pig and Daddy Pig to the table. “Nice to see you two together,” Momma Pig says, smiling. They all start eating together as a happy family. Sue and Ray got along every day since and they lived in one good piggy world, "oink, oink!"


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