A Home for Caspian

Jessica Gunawardena & Nicola Perera


After searching all day for a home, Caspian finally gave up and sat on a stone by the roadway in despair.

“What am I going to do?” he asked himself. ”Its raining every day, I need somewhere to stay.” Oh dear! What a mess.

“What’s a mess, what’s a mess?” a voice asked grumpily. “I don't like messes.”

An old lady was walking down the road and she stopped by him and asked again, “Where is the mess?”

“There isn’t any mess.” “I was -”€

“You said there was a mess.” Don't say things if they’re not true,” She said sternly.

Caspian sighed.

“Well, I'm waiting,- What’s your problem?”

“I’m looking for a home.” “I have nowhere to stay.”

“Where’s your mother?”

“I'm an orphan and I was sent out to make my way in the world.” “I don't seem to be doing much good at the moment.”

The old lady looked at him and then started walking off. Caspian sighed again.

She walked a little way and then stopped. “You can come home with me, if you like.” “I need a young lad to help me at home.” “My old bones can't work like they used to.”

Caspian stared at her in amazement. “You really mean it, lady?” “I can stay with you, truly?”

“Of course I mean it.” If I said things I don't mean, I’ll end up in trouble, won't I?” “Now, come along.”

And so, Caspian found a home and the old lady whose name was Mrs. Thane grew very fond of him and looked after him very well, for he was a good boy. In turn he worked hard for her and never forgot how she had so kindly given him a home to live in.

© 2011 Jessica Gunawardena & Nicola Perera


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