The Book

Trudy Ann Brotherson

Kate skimmed through, with her fingers, all the books in the library. She was in a hurry because she had to have this done before class started again.

"I've looked at every one of the books in the library." I said out loud. "Shhh." The librarian took her index finger up to her lips. "Sorry," I apologized, as I shrugged my shoulders. She soon went back at reading her book and I went back to complaining, in my head, of course.

I glimpsed at a stack of books I've never seen before. They must be the new books, I thought. I went over to have a good look at them. One of the bigger ones glittered in the sunlight. I tried to take it out to look at it but my fingers slipped so I tried again. The book seemed to be stuck. I stomped my foot in grief.

I picked my one-month-old gum out of my mouth and stuck it behind my ear. Tried once again to tug the book out but just like me it was very stubborn and didn't want to leave. I felt something gushy on my shoe. I was losing my patience. I had no time for this. I gritted my teeth and lifted up my foot. Can you believe it, it was my GUM! I put my shoe back down on the ground. They can send me the bill when I have time.

Aside from being brilliant and bright I was also stubborn, as I mentioned before. I tugged at it one more time. I had made up my mind that I was leaving with that book no matter what, even if I had to take the shelf with me!

CREEK! I glanced up and saw as the bookcase went down, down, and did I mention down some more? CRASH! They finally stopped. I bent my head down in embarrassment. What can I do besides play it cool.

I strutted up to the librarian and shut her mouth with my hand, slammed the book down on her desk, and said, "Dude, can I check out this book?" She glared at me and took me by my ear, dragged me down the hall, and backed me up into the principle's office.

"Sit down and explain yourself." He looked troubled. That's where the story ends because what I was about to tell him you just heard and I don't want to be a skeleton by the time I'm still blabbing about this story. But in case you want to know I will be mopping the floors in the hall for the rest of my life.

Well, I've got to go, my old friend the mop's calling me.

©2003 Trudy Ann Brotherson


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