Little Bella

Chelsey Morales

Little Bella was a Terrier Mix. She belonged to a very loving family. Emily, AJ, and Adelisse were her owners. (Of course Mommy and their step-dad Nelson were her owners too). They each loved Bella very, very much.

Playtime at the park, and nice long walks were a regular for Bella. She even had a sister dog (who was actually a pitbull named Cammie).
They played together day and night.

Bella and Cammie both became a part of this family in their own special ways. Both dogs, although opppsite breeds, were each loving and sweet and playful.

One day, while the children were at school and Mommy had went to work, Nelson decided to rearrange the furniture in the house.

As Nelson rearranged the furniture, he suddenly became hot. Nelson opened up the front door for some fresh air.

Both dogs ran to the front yard to play.

Nelson continued to rearrange the furniture to surprise Mommy when she got home from work.

Instead of being surprised that the furniture was just as she asked it to be, she was sadly shocked to hear that somehow Bella had ran out of the yard and was now missing. 🙁

How would Mommy tell Emily, AJ, and Adelisse that their puppy was now gone?

What is Mommy going to do?

Will she ever be able to find little Bella?

While Nelson walked around the neighborhood, Mommy asked the neighbors nearby if they had seen little Bella...

One of the neighbors stated that earlier there was a Terrier Mix that may have been Little Bella, wandering outside of the property. The neighbor delivered the sad news that a woman in a black jeep noticed little Bella wandering alone and out of fear she would be hit by a passing car, she picked Bella up and took Bella with her.

Mommy was so sad that she started crying.

Mommy pulled herself together and called the Animal Shelter.
The Animal Shelter had not heard anything about anyone finding Little Bella and they suggested Mommy call Animal Control Services.

Mommy then called Animal Control Services, who works in conjunction (together) with the Sheriffs Department in their town.

The Animal Control Services hadnt heard anything about Bella being found by anyone yet either. But they suggested Mommy send them a photo of Little Bella just in case anyone who found her turns her in.
They also suggested that Mommy post Bella's picture on a 'Missing Pets' page on facebook.

Mommy did exactly what they suggested.

It was now time for Mommy to pick up Emily, AJ, and Adelisse.

Upon sight, the children immediately asked for little Bella when they only saw Cammie, their pit bull.

Mommy didnt know how she qould break the news. She calmly explained to them what had happened. Mommy told them to have faith and to pray for Bella's return. The children cried. As they were heartbroken their puppy was gone. They prayed just as Mommy suggested. Mommy prayed too. In fact, Mommy prayed three times with tears in her eyes.

God answered their prayers.
Luckily, there are still good citizens in the world. And someone responded to the public post that Mommy put online.

Someone posted that their co-worker found Little Bella and that they would give the lady Mommys phone number.

Mommy waited for the lady to call.

Just before bedtime, the lady finally called. Mommy was anxious to get Little Bella back and asked if she can pick her up right away.

They decided on a meeting place not far from where Bella was found.
And the sweet lady returned Little Bella to her family.

Everyone, (even Cammie, their other dog) was filled with such joy that Little Bella was now home.

Morals of the story:

1)Always have faith and trust in God
2) Never leave your dog unattended. Always stay with them when they go outside.


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