Smart Dog and Mr. Gooberman

Brooks Smith

Once upon a time, there was a really weird man. His name was Mr. Gooberman. He had a dog. His dog was very smart. One day they went for a walk. They played on the playground for one hour. They had a lot of fun. Then it rained so they had to leave. They went with two friends to McDonald's. The friends mysteriously disappeared.

Smart Dog and Mr. Gooberman were at a loss. They went to Toys R Us in search of the missing friends. First, they looked in the action figures. They weren't there. It was difficult to leave the area because they had just received a shipment of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. They broke themselves away and headed for the games section. They started playing Jumanji. Then they remembered the lost friends. Smart Dog ran towards the Little Tykes Castles, houses, and cars. Mr. Gooberman jumped in the pick up truck and started racing around Toys R Us! Smart Dog ran close behind, barking all they way. Finally, passing the aisle of dolls and entering the sports section, the friends reappeared. They were playing basketball. Mr. Gooberman and Smart Dog said, "Guys, it's time to leave. Next time tell us before you disappear." They left the store and went home.

Then they went to sleep. The next day the both of them had breakfast at Burger King. The two friends joined them.

Stay tuned for the next adventure of Mr. Gooberman and Smart Dog!

Brooks Smith


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