Dance Ava Dance!

One day, there was a girl named Ava. She is good at dancing, and she was scared to show her mother that she was a good dancer. At school, Ava told her friend Jade, that “I’m scared to show my mother that I’m a good dancer”. But Jade said ” I know you’re scared ,butDisplay

Tweety the Bird

There once was a bird name Tweety.  She likes to tweet.  And she’s very sweet.  And she loves to sing.  She was the shortest baby bird.  But she was very kind.  She loved her parents like she loved herself. She likes listening to music, and she likes to sing it. It was Tweety’s first dayDisplay

Geire, The Wolf Who Tried To Flee

“I venture north to find a better life.” Those were the last words that Alpha Zolon heard from his soldier. They had been through tough times, and soldier Geire had enough. Knowing the risk of being a lone male, he waited for the right time to abandon his clan. Most of the pack growled atDisplay

Gigantic or super smart

Once upon a time there was a Giant who was so big that he could see across the highest mountain of the country. One day the Giant meets a girl that is very small. No, not as small as Tom Thumb in the fairy tale but she is not that much taller. “Hello, mister Giant,”Display

Daisy Pumpkin’s Elephant Shadow.

Due to a mix up by a very well respected but somewhat clumsy shadow seamstress, a little girl called Daisy Pumpkin woke up one morning with the shadow of a fully grown African Elephant. Daisy stood in front of a large white wall and watched in disbelief as the elephant’s shadow copied her every move.Display

Unity is strength

The Sticks Once in a kingdom, there were two boys named Tom and Robert. They lived on a farm. Robert was the elder brother. They would always fight. When their father buys something for Tom, Robert would get angry and fight and vice versa. One day their father decided to have a competition. There wasDisplay

Turtle and Rabbit Story

One day a rabbit was boasting about how fast he could run. He was laughing at the turtle for being so slow. Much to the rabbit’s surprise, the turtle challenged him to a race. The rabbit thought this was a good joke and accepted the challenge. The fox was to be the umpire of theDisplay

Ug the Thug

About five thousand, two hundred and forty-six years ago there lived a caveman called Ug the Thug. He lived at the top of a lonely valley, but then everywhere was lonely back then. He had a big club and furry boots and he liked running after things and frightening them best of all. Ug theDisplay

The Warrior

Once upon a time there was a warrior. Well he was brave and stong and all but not as well known as he would have hoped. So one day he was walking down a path and met a black smith. He was talking to him about his talents and his woes. The black Smith informedDisplay


In a splendid castle on the ocean shore there lived a King. The poor man had lost his Queen in childbirth, just as she had given life to their first-born daughter, Princess Selena. Following that miserable day, the King would not let his little daughter, Selena, out of his sight, for he knew he wouldDisplay

Annie and the Rabbit’s Foot

Annie and the Rabbit’s Foot A sharp rap on the door brought Annie to her senses and she went to see who was there. ‘Hello Annie, where’s your Mum?’ said Mick the milkman, smiling. ‘She’s gone shopping,’ Annie said, as she carefully took the pint of milk and laid it down on the kitchen table,Display

St. Uny Fairy School

Once upon a time there was a school for fairies called St Uny High and the fairies in that school were always extremely good. In the school there was a very special group of friends, their names were Silvermist who wore a beautiful blue dress and at 14 years old the eldest of them all. Then thereDisplay

The Snow Mouse (Ears Mouse)

Ears Mouse, Book 2 Ears Mouse woke up with a shiver, ‘Brrrrrrrrrr’ he said to himself, ‘I am in my nice bed with my big quilt but I am still cold, specially my nose’. His nose was almost as red as Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer’s nose. He had his night cap on his headDisplay

The Picnic (Ears Mouse)

Ears Mouse, Book 1 On the edge of a very small country village in England there is an old road called Hollies Lane. This lane leads to a small but beautiful forest called Oak View, which is not visited very often by people. All along this lane, if you were to look very carefully, youDisplay

The Golden Easter Eggs

The Golden Easter Eggs Once upon a time there was a family that lived on a farm. They were not making ends meet. It seemed that every time the farm was about to make money, some of the crops would die or some of the animals would get sick. Joey and Anna were the sonDisplay

The Treasured Rock

The Treasured Rock By Francis Allgood Not too long ago, a little boy sat under a shady tree thinking about what fun he was going to have this summer. He was daydreaming about Whispering Pines Pond. The pond came about when the men quit mining for rock in the quarry about ten years ago. TheDisplay

The Kingdom of Light

The Kingdom of Light   In the Kingdom of Light there were twin boys named Shay and Dawn. Shay and Dawn would play in the light of the sun, in the light of the stars, in the silvery light of the moon. Wherever there was light, there were Shay and Dawn. They would dip theirDisplay

The Rainbow

The Rainbow   There was a little girl who loved the rain. She danced in the drops as they landed on her skin. She skipped rope in the puddles. She stretched her arms out and spun around with an open mouth to let the water tickle her tongue. One day while the girl was twistingDisplay

The Culprit

The Culprit An Indian Folk Tale   There once lived a pundit by the name of Poornananda in a village far away. He had two disciples– Nagendra and Krishna. One day while the two were coming to the village from the city, Naga (Nagendra’s nickname) picked a fight with a horse cart driver. The fightDisplay

A Special Gift

A Special Gift   Saturday was going to be a special day. It was Grandma Lucille’s birthday! She would be turning thirteen years old – that’s one hundred in dog years! When she was younger, Grandma Lucille was Farmer Johnson’s favorite dog on the ranch. Thirteen years ago he decided that his old Basset Hound,Display

The Man at the Barrel

The Man at the Barrel   It was a gorgeous day, with a slight crispness in the air left over from what remained of Autumn. After packing up a hundred or so children, several teachers, aides, and a few room mothers in school busses, we then headed out on our field trip to see theDisplay

The Hole Story

THE HOLE STORY   On a high hill under tall maple trees stands a small one-story house. Let’s take a peek through the window, so we can see what’s happening inside. A father sits on the edge of a young son’s bed that is shaped like a sports car. The man is speaking quietly toDisplay

Hello Me

HELLO ME   The only way Brandon stood tall was to get on top of a chair. Or get on the highest step when getting his school picture. “Hey…shorty,” was his nickname at school. As he scrambled away words followed him down the hallway. “Climb a ladder so we can see you,” shamed his ears.Display

The Boasting Traveler

The Boasting Traveler   A man, who had traveled around the world quite often, returned to his own country. He was boastful of the many wonderful and heroic feats he had performed in the different places he had visited. Among other things, he said, “When I was at Rhodes I had leaped to such aDisplay

Hercules and the Wagoneer

Hercules and the Wagoneer   A delivery man was driving a wagon along a country lane, when the wheels sank down deep into a rut. The old driver, dazed and confused, stood looking at the wagon. He did nothing but utter loud cries to Hercules to come and help him. Hercules, it is said, appearedDisplay

The Boy and the Gumballs

The Boy and the Gumballs   A boy put his hand into a pitcher full of gumballs. He grasped as many as he could possibly hold, but he could not pull out his hand. The neck of the pitcher would not give way to his fist. Unwilling to lose his gumballs, and yet unable to withdrawDisplay

The Bear and the Two Travelers

The Bear and the Two Travelers   Two men were traveling together, when a Bear suddenly met them on their path. One of them climbed up quickly into a tree and hid in the branches. The other, feeling that he would be attacked, fell flat on the ground. The Bear came up and felt himDisplay

The Bat and the Weasels

The Bat and the Weasels A bat fell upon the ground and was caught by a Weasel. The bat pleaded with the weasel to spare him his life. The Weasel refused, saying, “I am by nature the enemy of all birds.” The Bat assured him that he was not a bird, but a mouse, andDisplay

The Ants and the Grasshopper

The Ants and the Grasshopper   The ants were spending a fine winter’s day drying grain collected in the summertime. A grasshopper, quite hungry, passed by and begged for a little food. The ants asked him, “Why didn’t you gather up food during the summer?” He replied, “I as too busy having fun to work.Display

The Fox and the Crow

The Fox and the Crow The Fox once saw the Crow fly over with a piece of cheese in her beak. “I want that cheese,” thought the Fox. When the Crow landed upon a branch of a tree, the Fox sat down beneath the tree and called, “Good day, Mistress Crow! How well you areDisplay

Pay It Forward


The Fox and the Grapes

The Fox and the Grapes Once upon a time there was a fox strolling through the woods. He came upon a grape orchard. There he found a bunch of beautiful grapes hanging from a high branch. “Boy those sure would be tasty,” he thought to himself. He backed up and took a running start, andDisplay

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