The Lonely Old Man

Franz Steiner

There was once an old man named Franz. Franz lived alone in the smallest house in the way back of his neighborhood. Franz was a grumpy old man due to the recent death of his wife. He was bitter and rude to the neighbors and made everyone he came into contact with him very upset.

Franz wasn't always like this, though. At one time, he was very happy, he had everything he could want. He had a caring family with kids and grand kids and a wife who were all very close with each other. But his kids and grand kids are all grown up and want nothing to do with him. All of this was upsetting to him and was driving him insane. One day, Franz stepped outside to get his mail which was just lazily at his door, so he leaned over to pick it up and fell. Franz was crying and begging to let this be the end of his suffering so he could be at peace, but he knew deep in his heart he could never be at peace without his wife. Franz over the next hour cried and cried and cried, slowly slipping into a slumber from which he would not return. As he shut his eyes which would never open again, it began to rain. His eyes finally closed and the crying had come down to a low breath. With his final breath he said "Thank you... Monica." He then, a few minutes later, stood up with no problems. He looked down wondering how he had all this strength, only to see his body laying down. He looked at his hands and they were just an outlined white mist with little identifying features. He was in shock. He had realized he had passed. He looked up slowly, feeling a very comforting feeling awaiting his attention. He looked up to see yet another misty figure, slowly coming into view as a transparent short figure, smiling at him. He had no idea who it was. Then, the shirt figure held out its hand and let out the all-too familiar giggle of Monica. Franz fell to his ghostly knees and started sobbing. Monica took his hands and in a whispery voice "Let's dance in the rain like we used to." Taking his hands and pulling him up to his feet. Looking up at him, she pulled him down and kissed his lips which just felt like static electricity, but he felt the passion and love coming off of her. Franz said "It really is you." Then they walked to the street and held hands as they danced in the rain, smiling, singing, and laughing for the rest of eternity. The End.


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