The Fairy Castle

Kahli Scott

There once lived two children named Kate and Harry. They had a marvelous garden and they loved to play in it.

One sunny, Spring day, Kate's blue hair ribbon came out of her hair while she was playing in the garden with Harry. The breeze blew it down a little path. Kate chased after it, with Harry following her. They ran down the path for a long time, chasing the little ribbon. Finally it stopped. Kate picked it up, and looked around. "Harry" she said, "I don't believe we've been in this part of the garden before." "Neither have I" replied Harry. He eyed a little shrub. It was kind of shimmering. A silvery mist arose from its branches. He ventured into it. Then suddenly he stopped. He couldn't believe what he saw "Hey! Kate," he cried "I say, I've found a little castle!"

Kate came running. She gasped when she saw the castle. It was causing the shrub to shimmer and shine like it did, for it glistened like silver.

Meanwhile, inside the castle a little fairy princess named Jessica was very upset. She had been frightened by Harry's large yell, and she had hidden in the far corner of a turret. Then, a big eye appeared in the window. It was Kate's eye. Jessica let out a squeal. Kate took her eye away from the window. "There's a fairy in there!" she cried.

Harry ran to the window and peeped in. Jessica, needing some defense, threw her little bag of magic fairy dust at Harry. It hit him in the nose and it hit Kate on the leg. Immediately, they shrank down to fairy-size.

Kate looked down at herself in amazement. Then, without thinking, she ran to the little castle door and knocked on it. Jessica answered. She looked at Kate in anxiety. "Go away! You scare me," she said bravely. Kate smiled, it was a kind smile. "I won't hurt you," she said. Her voice was so soothing, that Jessica couldn't help but let her in. Harry came in as well.

Jessica gave them some chocolate buns and some creamy milk. They had a fine afternoon. Sadly though, it was soon time to leave, so Kate and Harry set on their way home.

Jessica the Fairy Princess is a very good friend of the children now, but their friendship is a secret, for no one would ever believe Kate and Harry if they said they were friends with a fairy!!!


© 1999


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