The Magic Word


Once upon a time, there was a Wizard, or at least he had hoped. His name was Byron. Every spell he casted and wand he waved led to him slipping and falling. He asked the other witches and wizards in the land for help but none could help his stumbling self. He tried his best but he had had enough!
The young wizard took his books, his cape and his wand to another town. The witches and wizards here were different. They didn't need wands, they didn't even have capes! after seeing a few performances on the street, the young wizard decided he'd go to the Witches and Wizards Fair, formerly known as WWF. There he saw a new kind of magic, one without speech or even wand waving. He picked up a stone pamphlet and read this really long word that was foreign to him. "Prestidigitation" he said curiously. "What kind of magic is that?" The fair went silent. A young witch named Julia pulled him over and told the people "he was only joking, he's my friend and the kings jester". She then explained to the young wizard that nobody in the land could read and the king wrote that word as a test to kill off any outsiders. The young wizard packed his bags and started heading back to his town. She asked Byron why he was packing and he said "I wasn't a good magician in my town but at least i could read my magic books in peace." Julia had an idea, in exchange for teaching him the foreign art of Prestidigitation, he could teach her to read.
Three month went by and it was time for the next magic fair. The king loved to hold those. Except this time, he was busy, so he called ALL of the magicians to a part of his castle, specifically the folly, which had trap doors and other extravagent designs. When the day came, both Byron and Julia had mastered the arts of text magic and Prestidigitation magic. The king was only slightly amused by the skills his town showed. He'd basically seen everything they did three months ago with only some minor changes. That was until Byron came in front of King Watt R. B. Ottle. He tripped on his cape as usual but as he rolled, he was wearing the kings cape and the king his. The king was taken aback. Almost scared. Everybody respect the king and nobody had dared laid a hand on him. King Watt R. B. Ottle asked young Byron to preforn his trick, if he succeded, he could keep the cape. Byron asked for a gold ring and said "if you give this to me, i'll plant it in the ground and you'll get a tree of gold rings in the blink of an eye. But i get to pick one gold ring for every month that tree is alive." The king agreed and went to take off his least favorite of rings. As he did, he noticed his favorite ring is in the young wizards hands.

All of the witches and wizards and the Kings family went outside with young Byron as he planted the ring. He asked for a volunteer to spit where the ring was planted.As she spit, she casted the spell and viola! The tree was beginning to grow. One ring, two rings, 5 rings ten rings all with different styles and jewels. The king couldn't believe it. But a promise was a promise.
King Watt R. B. Ottle gave young Byron the finest of rings from the tree and wish him good luck. But something wasn't right. Byron fell on his knees and Julia ran to keep him up and ask "what's wrong?". Byron answered by saying "there's a shooting pain in my heart because... because you haven't fallen for me yet." and they both looked at each other with a smile. In the coming days, Byron and Julia founded a school of hybrid-magic. In a few months there was an emergence for slight of hand casting magic, not only in King Watt R. B. Ottles town but others as well. There lies the story of Byron and Julia who helped all witches and wizards everywhere. The end.


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