Come On

Come on flowers, come out and start to bloom, Come on birds, come out and sing your tune. Come on sun, come out and shine as bright as can be, Come on spring, come out and play with me. ©2021 Elizabeth Wrobel

Spring is Ready

Tweet-Tweet-Tweedle-Dee-Deet, Spring song soft, spring song sweet. Tweet-Tweet-Tweedle-Dee-Dite, Flowers blooming big, flowers blooming bright. Tweet-Tweet-Tweedle-Dee-Dad, Frog in the pond, frog in the lilypad. Tweet-Tweet-Tweedle-Dee-Dow, Crickets chirping here, crickets chirping now. Tweet-Tweet-Tweedle-Dee-Dum, Spring so happy, spring so fun. Tweet-Tweet-Tweedle-Dee-Dee, Spring is here, spring is ready! ©2021 Elizabeth Wrobel


Quick! Grab your mittens–pull down your cap, Slip on your boots–meet me outside ASAP! There’s just enough time and just enough snow, To build the best and the most perfect man I know. We’ll give him the best carrot we can find for his nose, And for his smile–the smoothest of handpicked stones. ©2021 ElizabethDisplay

Snowflakes and Me

On my hands, On my feet, A swirl, A twirl, Snowflakes dance with me. On my elbow, On my knee, Throw it! You're it! Snowflakes play with me. On my nose, On my cheek, Giggle, Wiggle, Snowflakes laugh with me. ©2020 Elizabeth Wrobel


Scissors clip–scissors snip, Glue squeeze–glue drip. Glitter sparkle–glitter shine, Crayons draw–crayons sign. Cards made–cards to give away, Valentines sent–on Valentine’s Day. ©2021 Elizabeth Wrobel

In the Snow

Angels, angels made of snow, Spreading, spreading wings so slow. Snowballs, snowballs packed so tight, Ready, ready to take flight. Snowman, snowman standing tall, Greeting, greeting one and all. ©2019 Elizabeth Wrobel


Perfect and white as can be, Perfect snowflakes as far as the eye can see. Perfect for rolling into a ball, Perfect for the most friendly fight of all. Perfect for making angel wings, Perfect for so many frosty things. ©2019 Elizabeth Wrobel


I have a real nice bed That I love beyond belief And a pillow that will talk to me When I cannot fall asleep. But the blanket that I have You will just have to see. If I pull it up to warm my neck Then my feet are free. If I roll to myDisplay

I See Pink

I see pink and I see red, I see hearts strung up above my head. There’s Cupid with an arrow, That means something I know. There’s cupcakes on my teacher’s desk, And we get to skip our math test! Why are things this way? Because it’s Valentine’s Day! ©2018 Elizabeth Wrobel

A Splash

A splash, a splish, A hop, a skip. A pond, a stone, Perfectly thrown. ©2019 Elizabeth Wrobel

Lost in the Woods

I went walking in the woods, following the trees, Following the trail of a cool summer breeze. Now I’m lost in the woods. Which way do I go? Which way did I come from? I just don’t know. There was a way in, but is there away out? Or will I be stuck in theDisplay

Cloudy Skies

There are two kinds of clouds so don’t get them mixed up. One kind I hate. One kind I can’t help but love. Gray clouds create such a gloomy day. White fluffy marshmallow clouds call me out to play. Cloudy skies don’t have to mean sorrow. Cloudy skies can bring happiness. Raising hopes for aDisplay

Haylie Has Many Hats

Haylie has many hats, some big, some small. Some aren’t even hats at all. Haylie wears whatever she can find. She’ll wear anything–anytime. Mommy is cooking–Haylie is a chef just like her. Wearing an empty pot she’s waiting for something to stir. She likes to wear a napkin on her hair. Even during dinner sheDisplay


When the weather is gloomy and gray, Keep me by your side all through the day. As soon as those raindrops leave the sky, Open me up and I’ll keep you keep you dry. ©2019 Elizabeth Wrobel


Plip-plop, Raindrops, Misty notes begin, Waltzing on the wind. Plip-plop, Raindrops, The sweetest melodies, Humming through the trees. Plip-plop, Raindrops, Tapping out the beat, Dancing in the street. Plip-plop, Raindrops, Rhythm never stops, Drumming on the rooftops. ©2019 Elizabeth Wrobel

Snow Angel

My arms are gliding up and down, My legs are dancing on the ground. Now I'm standing up and what do you know? There's a pretty little angel in the glistening snow. ©2019 Elizabeth Wrobel

A Sister

A sister is a friend you didn’t choose. A sister is a friend you can never lose. Sisters will always belong together. Sisters will always be best friends forever. ©2018 Elizabeth Wrobel

Sleepy Time

Teeth brushed, House hushed. Jammies zippered, Goodnight whispered. Bowed head, Prayers said. Darkness falling, Sweet dreams calling. Kisses given, Covers snuggled in. Books closing, Eyes dozing. Moonbeams shine, It's sleepy time. © 2018 Elizabeth Wrobel

Fairy Adventure

Outside a little house In a deep dark wood Elegant and dainty A little fairy stood As I got closer She asked me my name She sprinkled fairy dust So our sizes were the same She then ran away And I followed after As I approached her You could hear her laughter When I caughtDisplay

I am little

I am little I am feeble Up up I grow Down down never This is my cradle dream

The sun is never red

“Do you have a party? Do you have bread? Do you have a lullaby?” Crimson flower said. “Why are you asking? What is it with bread? Party cake is eating. Not to do with bread. Sleepy head is feeling. Your eyes are now red. Hearty blood is beating. Close your eyes in bed. All isDisplay

Some wishes for my daughter

Be gentle, be strong Be happy, be good Love others, love yourself Know how beautiful you are But know that it's not what really matters Know how smart you are But know that it's what you do with it that counts Don't forget where you come from, or where you are going And most ofDisplay

When it rains

We are baked in the sun While waiting for the rain, But now she remembered us The cloud has been moody and we knew she must surely cry now she wept, throwing rain water All over the little hamlet Now I claim the first drop And you claim the next drop Oh look up andDisplay

The Tangled Web of Alice Young

The Tangled Web of Alice Young The house of Young had a growing guest It wasn’t something they possessed Up from the ceiling it was hung The Tangled Web of Alice Young This tangled web was weaved with lies “Who broke the vase?” “Who ate the pies?” Composed of every fib she sung The TangledDisplay

When I first met your mother (3)

Dear darling, When I first met your mother on her land she held colorful flowers in her hand. Her land bred turquoise blue forget-me-nots. I started feeling fairly she is grand. When I first met your mother on that day doves cooed the coming of the month of May. Your mother made a fortune fromDisplay

When I first met your mother (2)

Dear darling, When I first met your mother she was swimming in the sea. A big shark was chasing her. They both swam fast past me. When I first met your mother she looked nice in the sea. The shark she was escaping brought anger into me. She swam fast in the sea to flee,Display

Number 5

Night is the time for counting sheep. One, two, three. Watch them as they leap. Over the bed and onto the floor. Look out! Here comes number four! Eyes closing, falling fast asleep. Just in time for the number five sheep. Flying by, he giggles with glee, “Hey, sleepyhead, you missed me!” © Elizabeth Wrobel

Before you

Years and years before your birth, in space the moon wore blankets warmly round its place. It shone with laughter, feeling sleepy when skylarks fluffed feathers, tickling its face. Hundreds of years before your age, in Greece a doll and baby saw the moon wear fleece. In time they took their shepherds home to bed,Display


I love you. You love me. I am so happy we are family. My brother is family,my sister aswell. Our mommy and daddy loves us alot i can tell. We go to the beach often. Mommy helps us collect shells. We always tell daddy to join us,when hes done ringing the bells.

Dear Santa

Dear Santa, For Chistmas this year I want lots of cheer And a stuffed bear That won’t wear or tear I want my stocking filled with treats And an iPod that will play very good beats A wonderful train And a pretty umbrella For the watery rain If one present is not here Just oneDisplay

Some None at All

Some None At All One bike to ride on Two baby dolls Most children have these Some, none at all. Three meals daily Four friends to call Most children have these Some, none at all. Five hugs a day Daddies six feet tall Most children have these Some, none at all. Seven books to readDisplay

My Bed

MY BED My bed, My bed, I love my bed. It rests my feet, it rests my head. It brings me sleep from dreadful days It clears my brain from misty haze. It rests my neck, it rests my back. I love to spend time in my sack. It rests my eyes, it rests myDisplay

The Lion

The Lion The lion has a golden main and under it a clever brain He lies around and idly roars and lets the lionesses do all the chores. Megan McEwan. Age 9

Fuzzy and Wuzzy



Cheetah a cheetah is very sly he’ll pass you in a blink of an eye although he may be dangerous his cuteness is contagious he has very long claws that nearly fit his paws So when you see a cheetah you better run and hope he won’t beat ya. ©2002 brittani


Birds Birds in the bird bath, What a splash they make. Tail feathers, wing feathers Shake, shake, shake. Birds at the feeder, Steady on their feet. Red birds, yellow birds Eat, eat, eat. Birds in the tree tops, On the beach, in the sky. Birds run, birds wade, birds Fly, fly, fly. Birds that liveDisplay

I met a Butterfly

I Met a Butterfly I met a butterfly today Sitting upon a tree. When I said, “Good Morning,” it said nothing back to me. I asked what it was doing, But it refused to tell. I asked if it was tired Or wasn’t feeling well. And then it opened up its wings, As though toDisplay


Wolves Mesmerizing, magical, and mysterious creatures; Willful, wild wanderer of windy winding mountains; Intelligent, sometimes inane, defiantly inaccessible, Even-tempered, hopefully everlasting, and extraordinary; Howling, whining, yipping, or yelping, A wolf is like a lone cloud on a full moon’s night- He’ll dance into your life, your heart, Then leap right out, Making you wonder “WasDisplay

The Big Bad Wolf

“THE BIG BAD WOLF!” (He Is Really Not Such a Bad Guy) I am the Big Bad Wolf, That children say huff, puff and shout. But, really I am not such a bad guy, Like they all talk about. I have a wife and family, And, live near a clean blue lake. “I am reallyDisplay

Pink Chairs and Pigtails

Pink Chairs and Pigtails It began with a jolt … a day like none other, For a package arrived marked, To Pigtails… Love, Mother.   Now, this isn’t a legend of a prince or prominent queens, But rather an account of a chair and its vibrant pink sheens.   There will be no stories ofDisplay

Pink Chairs and Pigtails

It began with a jolt … a day like none other, For a package arrived marked, To Pigtails… Love, Mother. Now, this isn’t a legend of a prince or prominent queens, But rather an account of a chair and its vibrant pink sheens. There will be no stories of lands existing from far, far awayDisplay

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