The Legend

Vivo Do


There once was a child who lived with her grandfather. Her grandfather always told her stories at night. When the little child grew up she always love reading, she nearly read all the books that her grandfather had but her grandfather said “look my dear this is a book that I’ve been saving for this time.” The girl said, “I’ve read all of your books” and her grandfather said, “Not this one.” The girl’s name was Daisy. Daisy was super excited to read the book.

The book was called, 'The Legend.' Daisy read the book all night and day she never even got one bit bored of that book. She started reading it, and started to like it. There once was a warrior named Clar. He had a wife called Grace. She was beautiful, kind and gentle. Her husband, Clar, ruled the country and treated them as slaves but Grace didn’t like that, she tried to stop Clar but Clar was too strong to be stopped. He became greedy and super spoiled. He always said, “hurry up slaves" and whipped them with a whip and he even said to the slaves, “give me the most chickens, give me the most chips, give me the biggest meal!” And then Grace said “stop Clar, you’ve turned into a monster. Would you just be as normal as you used to be when we didn’t rule the country?” God saw that Grace was right and Clar had to be punished. So, late one night when Clar was asleep, God set all the slaves free from the cage. When Grace woke up she wondered where Clar was. God said to grace “I punished him because he had so many chances and he didn’t care. I’m teaching him the right way to treat other people and not being rude and selfish to people and families. Also, to respect other people and when he learns to do all of those things, I said I will give him back to you.” From then on, Clar learned his lesson. The End.

Daisy finished the book, she thought it was wonderful and fabulous she told her grandfather that too. Daisy ask her grandfather if she could keep it and her grandfather reply was of course my dear. Daisy was filled with joy she hugged her grandfather tightly and said “thank you”. She read the book to her family. When she became a parent she passed it onto her children then her children grew up and passed it on to their children and it kept on going and every child or adult who read it thought it was super-duper fantastic. Daisy always wondered where did that book come from so now was her chance to ask her grandfather and her grandfather said it was written by me.

The End

2014 Vivi Do


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