Conner and the Clone Machine

Luke H

"I think it's ready." For two years, Conner and his friend Jeremy were spending their spare time on their newest invention: The Clone Machine. Consisting of many well thought out components, they felt like the time and hard work would pay off. The Clone Machine would be used on many objects for the convenience of everyone, including the cloning of people! There was one problem, however. The machine wasn't tested on humans yet.

"Are you sure?" asked Jeremy, scratching his head and looking at the masterpiece. "Almost sure of it," Conner replied. "If all goes well, we'll have a clone of each other in no time!" He walked over to the main control panel and inserted a key. With a clockwise turn, the machine whirred up, with a soft humming sound. Just a few more things. "If the molecules of our body are broken down and cloned, then hopefully, our whole system will be replicated!"

"So many things could go wrong, though!" Jeremy exclaimed. "But... ah... we have done tests before." Conner nodded enthusiastically. He said," If you are so unsure that this will work, then I'll do it myself!" Conner trotted up to the door of the system, and opened it. The inside was made of metal, but the scanner would not process it, as long as nothing would block the it. A bright, round light was established on the top of the machine to shine down on the object, in this case Conner, to ensure an accurate result. All was set.

"Wish me luck," Conner said, saluting Jeremy. "I'll see you on the other side!" He closed the door, and stood still. Conner gave Jeremy a thumbs up, and he pressed the button on the side. He could immediately feel a strange sensation, almost as if someone was tickling him from the inside. Suddenly, a bright green light flashed, showing that the process of cloning had started. Conner tried to remain calm, keeping his arms at his side and taking deep breaths. A heat wave started to occur at his feet, and it slowly traveled up to his head. After a mere two minutes, everything stopped. Conner, still afraid to move, gestured toward Jeremy to ask if it was okay to move. "Wow!" Jeremy said. "You can come out!"

Conner slowly moved his right arm towards the door handle. As he turned it, he was almost scared to see what the other side of the clone machine had. As Conner walked out of the machine, he could hear something else moving, inside of the clone machine itself. A figure had appeared on the other side, and it looked exactly like Conner. His jaw dropped.

"Well, 'ello there!" said the other Conner. "I guess this thing did work, whaddyathink?"

The real Conner just stared, awed at what he was seeing. It had worked! "Yeah, it did!" he said, still shocked. "So, er, how are you?"

"I feel new," said the cloned Conner, "Of course, that's because I was just made, wasn't I?" He laughed, and then walked over to Jeremy. "Are you his lab partner? Cool!" Clone Conner had just went over to the clone machine, and went inside. "Wow!" he said, muffled because the door had just closed. "I wonder what this button does..." Just then, a green light appeared above the machine.

"Uh, oh..." Jeremy said. "He's cloning himself again." In the distance, a laugh was heard inside. "This tickles!" Minutes later, the cloned Conner came out. Just as he was about to speak, another cloned Conner came out. "Wow!" said all three Conners. "We're identical!" Just as they all were getting ready to sit down, another Conner appeared. "Wait..." The machine had just started to replicate more and more Conners, all of which were piling out of the end of the machine, all new and just as confused as everyone else. Jeremy sighed. "This is going to be a loooonnng day."

To be continued...


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