To the Princess


Some Years Ago, I was a young man and I was once the Dark Lords friend and my name is Tim.
The Dark Lords name is, Darth Maul…………………. He was a great friend but then his heart turned dark and became The Dark Lord. Oh and if you don’t already know my name is The protector of the kingdom Fuzhou. But I obviously wouldn’t do it alone. By my side is The Great Assassin……Tim........he is the mightiest of us all.

"Help us ,Help us”
“Yes Ma’am''
''The Princess Lila has been taken from her dorm.”
“We don’t know who by, but our best guess is The Dark Lord.”
“We need you. Do you think you would be able to rescue her? It would be a long hard Quest, but we believe you and Tim can accomplish the task that many have failed at before.”
“you mean she’s been taken by The Dark Lord more than once.”
“Yes, it has happened many times.”
“Are you up for the task.”
“Yes, Ma’am Tim and me will save your daughter.” ……

“Today Tim will be the day that go on the long-life threatening journey. By my calculations it will take two days to rescue Princess Lila. Go and get your armour your survival kit and your food pouch.” said ????
“What about our sword.” WHO
“The sword is included with our survival kit.” WHO
“Okay well let’s go get our equipment and go out on the journey.”

…….. 1 Hour Later……... "James we have a problem" started Tim
''What is it.''
''We have approached the Killer Carnations."
"Tim the killer carnations are also Flesh-eating fish. We have 2 options we can either draw out our swords or run I’m choosing to draw out my sword and slay them all and survive to the next obstacle are you with me.”
“Yes, It is my mission to support you the best I can.”
“Okay thanks now lets Engage in the Battle……

10 Mins later…… "
T I M we have slain them all and now we may continue to the next ferocious obstacle."

"Yes James.''
''we have approached the Quicksand.”
“Well we can’t go left because there is water surrounding the left side and Western taipans on the right.”
“But James there are big hairy vines in the middle of the Quicksand if we do 1 of the biggest leaps in our lives, so we can grasp the vines and pull ourselves out I’ll go first. Said Tim Impatiently.”
“Okay I’ll be right behind you but once you grab the vines start swing then when you’re as high as you can go let go if you slip and I make it I’ll try my hardest to pull you out.”
.................. 2 Mins Later.................
“AHHHHHHHHH James I’ve slipped of the hairy vines.''
''Don’t worry I’ll go and hopefully I’ll make it across then I’ll pull you out okay.”
“Blub Blub.”
“I think that means yes.” "Okay here I go gee these vines are so slippery now I see why Tim fell off the vine.” “That hurt it probably was better that Tim landed in the Quicksand but now I have to pull him out of the Quicksand then we can keep on moving on the Quest to save the princess. Gee Tim your heavy and it doesn't help that this Quicksand is so sticky. Tim are you alright."
"Yes, James I'm But I'm really sticky."
"Yeah well it doesn't help that all of your Equipment is so thick and heavy."
"Well I'm really sorry that you’re so weak."
"Oh, Shoos it would've help if your grip gloves actually worked."
"James James can you keep on pulling me out."
"Oh, sorry I forgot wow that just gave way Tim are you alright."
"Yeah I'm fine how about you."
''No, I think sprained my wrist ''
''Well are you alright to continue''
''Yes I think"
"well up next we have to conquer the Forest and some people say that there are Monster Possums.

Well James you ready to pull out your sword."
''Yes, I should be fine now."
"Well let’s move but be ready because the Monster Possums can come out of the tree's out of the ground out of the sky.''
''Wait you mean they can fly''
''No not really they just have frilled skin between the arm's and leg's and that's how they can fly.''
''Oh okay''
''Watch out behind you there's a possum behind you.''
''Great job you knocked out the first of many Monster Possums now run and take care.''
''The Monster Possums everywhere. Tim watch out keep running I see light its probably the end of the forest run run RUN where getting closer to the light''

Tim where here were is here. The Evil Grannies Lair well were are the evil grannies.'' Yet did they know that the evil grannies were cooking inside. ''Tim should we go in the lair.''
''I think we should.''
''Well lets go..........
''This is dark.''
''Tim Tim where are you.''
''Can I interest you in some poison cake ah no thanks.''
''Get out of my way I want some cake.''
''No Tim its poison cake don't eat it I need you for the rest of our journey."
"Okay I'll stop''
''Walk out the door slowly and cross the bridge go run before they can catch us and make us fat with their delicious treats. That could've be the end of us but since we got out of there quick enough we didn't met the end and that's lucky now be quiet were close to the dark lords castle which means that we must be close to the Dark Lords Dragon.'' Little did they know the dragon was flying 20m above them after 5 minutes the dragon flew down right in front of them and caught them by surprise.

''Tim get out the dragon stun gun''
''Okay click click click click Tim I don't think that its working.''
''Well then get out your sword and Anti-Dragon Heat Shield and I'll get mine out two but I'll also I'll get out my Giant Pill so I have more of a chance of Beating The Dragon.
"Okay then I'll try my best to cover you just to make sure how long does the Giant Pill last um I'm actually not really not sure how long it last but lets just hope for the best okay"
"Well I'll suit up and you get ready to cover me. Okay on 3 we run and stand far away from me because when I grow the dragon will be blowing fire straight at me and he'll be so concentrated on me that you can slowly climb up its back and take the dragons collar thingy then hopefully It'll fly then we can keep on going. Okay ready on three 1,2,3 go Tim how are you doing down there"
"Good but watch out!! The dragon sees you James"
"Thanks but Tim start climbing the dragons back"
"Okay..... James I'm close to the collar thingy"
"Okay be really careful this part of the dragon is really sensitive so climb really, really slow"
"James I've just reached the collar"
"Okay there should be a clip at the back of its neck."
"I've found it I'll unlock it then I'll jump and you can catch me okay."
"Arrrrrggggggghhhhhh James catch me"
"I've got you"
"Tim while you were falling the dragon fell off just like we guessed"
"Yes that dumb dragon has left"

"Okay Tim lets sneak around the back of the castle so we won't be seen sneaking around the front of the castle"
"Yep I'm good with that"
"Okay well walk really quiet....

4 Minutes Later....
Hey Tim look at those garden gnomes aren't they a bit weird for an evil lair"
" Yeah they really are weird for an evil lair.... James the Garden Gnomes are moving"
"What don't be silly Garden Gnomes don't move! Tim one has me"
"James didn't you they we're glass"
"well yeah"
"Then doesn't that mean that if we find some rocks that we can smash them'
"Yeah it does but it might be to loud"
"Yeah exactly might be to loud so I'll find some rocks while you fight some the other gnomes off of you so then you can help me get more rocks"
"Okay I can do that." "Tim I'm ready to help but we might want to quicker"
"Okay" As Tim and James went on find more rocks they didn't know that inside the were many booby traps along the way to the very top of the castle which is were Princess Lila is.
"Tim I think we have enough rocks to smash all of them okay ready on 3 we run and smash them all 1,2,3 go Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr"
"Tim I think we got them all"
"Good then lets go into the castle"



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