The hamsters and the weasel

Amber Brooke

Chapter 1
One bright, sunny morning, a hamster named Molly was staring out of her small glass container in the frost wood pet store. A few days ago, she and her best friend, Holly, had been taken from their mothers and separated from their brothers and sisters. Sure they missed them, but they were still happy to be together.
Chapter 2
For a few days at the pet store now, the weasels has been on sale and everyone wanted to buy them. This really bugged all of the other animals, especially Molly and Holly. “Hey, Holly.” Molly would whisper whenever she saw a weasel getting adopted, “doesn’t it bug you how everyone always wants the weasels and not any of us?” And Holly would say, “yeah. I really hope that one day they’ll pick us.” But they never did. It was ALWAYS the weasels. In fact, so many weasels were getting adopted that the store keepers were afraid that they would run out of them.
Chapter 3
✓ Today, Molly was NOT up for complaining about the weasels. She had a plan. “Hey, Holly. Do you really want to get adopted?”. “Are you kidding? I’d give up food for two hamster weeks if it meant I got adopted.” Holly replied. “Okay. Well, good. Because lucky for us I have a plan to get out of here.” Molly reported. “Well, don’t just stand there. What is it?” Holly asked impatiently. “Okay. So, I was thinking we could pretend to be sick and lie down on our bellies and not eat or drink. Then, the second we get picked up, we leap into the weasel’s cage.” Said Molly courageously. “Great plan, but how are we gonna know if the weasel’s cage is open?” Asked Holly. “Oh, just wait until tomorrow.” Said Molly slyly.
◦ Chapter 4
The very next morning, the two hamsters went over the plan one last time. “Okay” Said Holly when they had finally finished talking it all over. “But I STILL don’t see how we are supposed to get in that cage.” “I told you, you’ll see.” Said Molly impatiently. “Okay, here comes a worker with breakfast. Lie down and have no interest in the food, no matter what.” Molly announced. “Okay, got it.” Said Holly, lying down to look like she hadn’t eaten in a month. And Molly did the same. As soon as the plastic yellow bowl came into the container, the two friends closed their eyes. “Are you guys Okay?” Asked the worker. The hamsters responded with a roll onto their sides. Next, a giant hand reached in and grabbed them. And the second the hamsters were out of that container, they both took a flying leap towards the wide open weasel cage.
◦ Chapter 5
“We’re in!” Said Holly excitedly. “ you did it, Molly!” “Why, yes, she did.” Said a low, slick voice. “I am Willy weasel, but the call me Will. And you are?” “Oh, I’m Molly, and she’s Holly.” Said Molly, some reason in fear. “We are so sorry we-“ “no need for apologies. I don’t blame you for sneaking in and in my opinion I think it’s ridiculous that we are on sale and none of YOU are”. Said will. “Oh, um... thanks?” Said Holly. “No need to thank me, either. And let’s just get on with this, Okay?” “Get on with... what?” Asked Holly. Will chuckled. “There’s nothing to hide, girls. I know why your here. Why, you want to pretend to be weasels and get out of here.” “How did you know?” Asked Molly. “Now,now. Enough questions. I have a surprise for you.”

Chapter 6
“What is it?” Asked both girls at the exact same time. “Well, I might just know away to get you girls out of here. But, you must be silent. Is that clear?” He asked. “Yup!” Said both hamsters immediately. “Okay. See that lady over there? Well, all I have to do is show off my little charm. Then, she’ll pick me. Now, YOU come in. YOU have to jump on my back and get adopted WITH me.” “Sounds good!” Said Molly.

Chapter 7

The lady was now right in front of the cage and Will was rolling around and making squeaking noises. She almost immediately picked him up. “Now!” He whispered. And the hamsters jumped on his back. But, his back was so slippery and silky, that they both fell off. “Will!” They cried.

Chapter 8
Will glanced at them and sneered, “You should never trust a stranger, you tiny hair balls!” Holly and Molly were CRUSHED. They had worked so hard to get this and NOTHING. Soon enough, one of the pet store workers picked them up and brought them to the vet. The vet said they were fine, and some rest would probably help. And the two friends had learned something that day. Never trust a stranger, especially when they want to take you somewhere. Anyway, it wasn’t all bad. The girls eventually got adopted in a house with two eight year olds, a mom, a dad, and two guinea pigs.



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