A fun summer holiday

Aanya Sharma
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A fun summer holiday
By Aanya Sharma

It was a hot Sunday afternoon in summer.  Two friends, Jessie and Bessie were feeling bored.  They wanted to play outdoors but the sun was too harsh.  “If only we could get a dip in the water, that would cool us down”, said Jessie.  “I agree!”, said Bessie.  Jessie’s mother heard them talking.  She came out and said,  “Why don’t you two go to the nearby beach?  You could have some fun time there and even go for a swim!”  “What a great idea, Mom!  Come on Bessie!  Lets quickly grab all our stuff and head straight for the beach!” screamed Jessie in excitement.

Soon, they were on the bus that would take them to the beach.  It was only a few minutes away from Jessie’s house.  The two friends felt very thirsty and hot.  They saw Peter, the ice-cream seller.  “Can I have a chocolate ice-cream please?”, said Jessie to Peter.  “And I’d like to try the strawberry one”, jumped Bessie as she couldn’t bear the heat anymore.  They gobbled up their ice-creams in a jiffy and thanked Peter as they paid him the money.

Soon they were on the beach.  The water looked cool.  They ran towards the water and splashed at each other.  After some time, they got tired.

They saw some other kids making sandcastles. “We haven’t built any sandcastles in a while, Jessie.”, said Bessie.  “What are we waiting for, let’s try it for ourselves”, squealed Jessie as they ran towards the shore.  Together they built a giant sandcastle.  “This looks like Queen Elizabeth’s castle.  Why don’t you decorate it!”, praised an old man who passed by them.  “Yes, we will.  Let’s find some seashells.”, said Jessie.  They collected some shells and decorated their castle beautifully.  “We could win a sandcastle competition with this amazingly beautiful castle, Jessie, what do you think?” asked Bessie.  “Yes indeed”, nodded Jessie in agreement.  “Now, let’s get some soda pops!”

It was evening, the sun was going down. Jessie and Bessie had a fun day at the beach.  They were not bored anymore.  They were tired and wanted to go back home and rest.

The End!


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