Alaghde kelvin terngu

The death of a spouse leaves her lonely which canbe fatal
hence the spouse is no more and physically absence
to avoid the death and loneliness
she look for a new love
but that isn't always easy
the widow's love remains and even grow
her adoration for her first partner never truly goes away

she was not destined to remain in the mourning foreve
that isn't why you are her
she embrace and carry foreward the legacies that were entrusted to her by her late beloved

after making the age of loneliness, she could identify key reasons people today are lonely
her heart was so pelucid that even the birds of the air sings and rejoice with her
the bees always come along humming around
as she claps, so cometh the butterflies.

the glittering of her eyes shines like a diamond and detorted the boredom lion in the jungle
as she sleep on a mat of hope, hoping no one around to render help when needeth
so whispered a little mosquito "you 're not alone" she turned but the room was full of darkness,
trying to pull the switch of the volt circuit,

the day was already bright
hours, minutes, seconds passed and the day was at early dawn,
this time the birds are fast asleep
and as no one around her to talk to, in solitary she weep and shout of sad echoes dashing out loud "GOD WHY ME?"


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