Jake, The Donkey


Once upon a time, in a place far away there lived a donkey. He didn’t look very smart but he was smart. He used to eat grass all the time. He had no owner at all. One day a man called James came. Then the donkey jumped into the bushes and made no sound at all. The donkey stared at James. When James was gone, the donkey still stayed in the bushes for 2 minutes because he knew that the man was going to come back. James came back with his son Tom, to have a walk with him. When James and Tom were gone, the donkey saw the house. But he still kept eating the grass. When the donkey was full, he went near the house. James wife, Orla, got scared; she never saw a donkey before. No one saw a donkey before. But that donkey had seen lots of people before. The donkey made a donkey sound, and then Orla closed the door because she thought that the donkey was angry. Orla took a bucket and went to the well, from the back door. The donkey waited near the house until she was back. She took a little while to come back. When Orla came back she had the bucket full of water. She opened the front door and put the bucket near the donkey. The donkey started drinking the water. When the bucket of water was over he went back wagging his tail. Orla said to James and Tom that “Today when you went out for a walk. I saw a funny looking thing that made a funny sound and I went to the well with a bucket and took some water and gave it to the funny looking thing and he went back.” Then Tom said “Mom, maybe it was an alien!” Orla and James said “But everyone knows that there are no aliens.” That time the donkey ran back to their house. Then Tom shouted “IS THAT IT MOM!” Then Orla looked out of the window and said “YES!” Then she asked, “How about we make that thing as a pet?” Then James and Tom said “Yes!” Then Tom ran over to open door. Then Tom said “Mom, do we have some biscuits?” Orla said “Yes, we do, you can feed it to the funny thing.” Then Orla gave five biscuits to Tom. Then the donkey made a donkey sound. Tom started laughing and said “Mom, it makes a funny sound. Doesn’t it?” Orla said “Yes, it does.” Then James said “I think we should give him some name.” Tom shouted “YES!” Orla asked Tom “So what’s the name” Tom says the name is …… hmm this is hard to think. Maybe…JAKE!” James said “Good idea!” And they all lived happily ever after with their Jake.

The End



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