The Fairy Pool

Janet Marshall

Hannah woke again from yet another bad dream.  She sat up in her bed crying until her grandmother came in to hold her close.
"I am here, it will be alright.  The fairies will keep you safe."
"What fairies Grandma" Hannah asked.
"The ones that live in the pool in the woods.  They have been there before I was a little girl."
Hannah looked at Grandma and saw a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eyes.
After a time she cuddled under her covers and went back to sleep.
The next morning before Grandma was awake, Hannah put on her jeans and boots, quietly went out the back door and ran toward the pool in the woods.
As she got closer she slowed down, just in case some fairies where near.  She didn't want to frighten them.
The pool was clear and cool, surrounded by grasses and flowers of every color you could imagine.  The trees hung over the water just brushing to top.
Hannah sat quietly for a long time waiting for the fairies, but none came.
A tear started to fall, she had wanted to see the fairies.
"Oh fairies where are you?  I won't hurt you.  My grandma told me you would protect me at night from the bad dreams.  I came to ask you to help me please."
She waited, and still nothing.
"I am afraid to sleep.  There are things that come in my dreams and scare me.  I try hide in my dreams but they always find me.  Ever since I came to live with grandma they come every night.  They want to take me away like they took my momma.  I miss my momma and want to see her again, but I am afraid of the monsters.  Please fairies help me make them go away."
Hannah cried and cried, finally falling asleep by the pool.
As she slept a breese came along and the flowers danced, the trees whispered.  "We are here little one, we have always been here."
Then all of a sudden the water began to sparkle like stars had fallen to earth.  One by one, out of the water the lights began to float around Hannah.
"Wake up Hannah, we are here"
Hannah woke, wiped her eyes and saw the most wonderful thing she had ever seen.  Over the pool where hundreds of fairies all dancing, giggling and singing songs.  They jumped of the flowers, swung on the tree branches.
Hannah laughed and laughed as she watched them all.
"You are here, you came to make the monsters go away and keep me safe" she explained
"We are here for you Hannah and you are not alone.  You already have your own special fairy who watches over you every night.  She will never let monsters hurt you.  She misses you very much and every night she kisses your forehead while you sleep.  Believe in her Hannah, talk to her before you go to bed every night.  She is there waiting for you to ask for her help. "
With a gust of wind, they were all gone.  Hannah sat waiting for them to come back, but they did not.
She went home, wondering the rest of the day, what they had meant.
Time came for bed again.  Grandma kissed her forehead, tucked her in and told her good night.  The light went out and Hannah lay in bed wondering where her fairy was.
She climbed out of bed, sat by the window looking at the sky.  Suddenly, there it was.  A streak of light across the sky so bright it made all the stars twinkle brighter then she had ever seen.  And then it was gone.
Something had happened, was it her fairy, was she safe now.
The fairies had said she was, so back to bed she went.
Before she closed her eyes she turned to look at the picture of her mother next to her bed.  She stared at it for a minute then cuddled up and went to sleep.
Next mornig she woke..sat up in bed and shook her head.  No monsters, nothing tried to hurt me.  She was happy.  She ran to tell Grandma the fairies had protected her and the monsters where gone.
Grandma smiled, gave Hannah a hug.  Hannah skipped off to begin her happy day.
Grandma went up the stairs to Hannahs room, she sat on the edge of the bed and picked up the picture of her daughter.  A tiny tear fell from grandmas eye.
"You showed her, you made her believe. she knows she is safe now"
Grandma put the picture back and closed the door behind her as she headed back downstairs.
On the table sat the picture of Hannahs mother, the sun shining behind her as she sat next to a pool of water with flowers and trees.
There was a smile on her face, a twinkle in her eye and if you looked hard enough, you could see the fairies playing around the woman they had come to know as their Queen.


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