The 3 Little Chicken


The 3 little chicken

Once upon a time in a land not so far away, were 3 little chickens. They were adorable and
loved by everyone however they couldn’t fly. One day they set out to learn how to fly but
whenever they tried flying, they fell to the ground. They were absolutely terrified and stopped
even trying. So, mummy chicken thought of a great plan. One night she read her chickens a
bedtime story and after reading them a bedtime story she told them to close their eyes and
imagine flying. She said ‘visualise yourselves up in the air flying like a plane. After they did,
she told them that everything is possible as long as they imagined it, as long they loved it, as
long as they worked hard at it, and as long as they pray to God about it. Because God says
that ‘Everything you ask for in my name you will get. And so, they did.
So, the next day it was time to put into practice what they prayed for and imagined. This time
they believed they could fly, so they tried one at a time and after 3 tries they started to fly and
fly and fly. They flew again and again. They wondered how they did it, and their mum told
them ‘Once you believe you can do something, pray to God then you will be able to do it.
With belief and trying, again and again, many many things are possible. They thanked their
mummy chicken and lived happily ever after


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