The Friendly Fox


Once upon a time, no, wait, on a land far away?... no ... on a mountain? sure!  On a mountain far away, it was 5:00am and the animals started to wake up.  All the animals were happy because it was the Forest's two hundredth birthday.  The animals were happily making yummy food like cookies and cake.  Other animals were making, packing and wrapping gifts for the wise old tree.  They were even decorating the forest, but the grumpy fox was mean to the animals.   He took cookies and ate them.  He took gifts and opened them.  He even took decorations off the trees!  The wise old tree saw this and asked the fox fox why he did this.  The fox said "because I don't have any friends and nobody invited me to your birthday party."   The tree said "everybody was invited to my birthday party and the reason you don't have any friends is because you are mean to everyone.  Try to be more friendly to the other animals.  I promise all of them will want to be your friend.  Oh, and I will be your friend if you do as I say."   The fox agreed and all of the animals and trees were the fox's friends so they lived happily, ever, after, THE END!


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