The Rifcog

Gabriel Kern

It was a cold dark night my mum and dad were out at a dinner party. My grandpa was asleep that's nothing unusual for him to do at his age . There was knocking at are door, I wasn't shore if I should wake up my grandpa or answer the door I remembered that my aunty was supposed to visit so it was probably her.

I walked over to the front door and twisted the handle then the door opened and there stood the outline of a huge monster with what seemed like six red eyes . I thought it was going to reach out and grab me but instead it stepped forwards, out of the shadows and patted me on the head. It was then that I realised it was aunt RIFCOG.

She walked straight past me without even saying hello. My aunt walked up to my grandpa and slapped him on the head he snorted and wriggled. My aunt huffed and said "just the same as last time,snoring his head off". My aunt Stuck out her hands and her nails grew longer and sharper her eyes glowed with anger, her teeth became bright white and longer than usual, her skin sprouted with green hair. My aunt's body changed into a blobby shape and lastly her eyes duplicated until she had six eyes.

My aunt was no longer an aunt; she was a "RIFCOG", a beast that lives in a tree trunk in the forest near where my aunty lives. I always wondered why my aunt is always down by the Forest .

There is only one thing to get this evil spirit out of my aunt I have to get some light into its face. I grabbed a torch and shone it in to my aunt's face. The slime melted of my aunt's body her eyes became normal again her teeth became normal again the hair fell of and then my aunt fell to the floor. Just then my parents rang the door bell and my grandpa woke up.


©2002Gabriel Kern


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