Maggie, Coco and Dojo

Aanya Sharma
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Maggie, Coco and Dojo
By Aanya Sharma

Once upon a time, there were two little sisters, Maggie and Coco. They studied at the International Jolly Golly School.  One day, the two girls were returning home from school.  On the way, they saw a dog following them and wagging his tail.  The dog was very cute and friendly, and Maggie and Coco loved him.  They named the dog Dojo.  They decided to take Dojo home.  When they asked their parents if they could keep Dojo, they said yes.

The two sisters were very happy to have a new pet.  They took Dojo home and took good care of him.  They fed him, gave him a bath, they groomed him and they played with him. They always felt that Dojo was very sharp, and was special. But they didn’t know that Dojo was a police dog!

One day, their mother went to the supermarket.  Maggie and Coco were watching their favorite TV show on television while their father was reading the newspaper in the garden outside.  Suddenly, Dojo sensed something and started barking.  He dragged father to the kitchen.  At first, father thought Dojo was hungry.  But immediately on reaching the kitchen he saw that mother had forgotten to turn off the flame of the gas stove before leaving.  The cooking pot on the flame was already overheated and letting smoke off.

Father patted Dojo on his back.  Dojo had sniffed danger and saved the little girls and the house from a fire accident.  Now, Maggie and Coco loved Dojo even more!  He was their friend forever.

MORAL OF THE STORY : When you care for someone, they care back for you.


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