Growing Up

Sandesh Chhetri

From two to eight, a time of wonder,
A time to learn and grow and blunder.

At two, we learn to walk and talk,
And make our way through the world in our own unique way.

At three, we start to make new friends,
And explore the world around us until the day ends.

At four, we play and laugh and sing,
And imagine all the amazing things that we could bring.

At five, we start to learn and read,
And discover all the mysteries that knowledge can lead.

At six, we find new hobbies and passions,
And work towards goals that give us satisfaction.

At seven, we grow in independence and self-control,
And start to make our own decisions, big and small.

At eight, we look back at all we've learned,
And look ahead to all the roads our future will turn.

No matter the age, we're always growing and changing,
Discovering new things and rearranging.


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