Aaahhhh! Out of nowhere came the murderous scream in the midnight hour in Lord Darberfield’s castle. The maids, butlers and cooks were all the residents who lived in the castle and they came rushing out of their bed rooms holding their candles in their shaking hands and looking pale with utter fright, nearly all of them had chills running down their spines when they heard the bloody scream. They looked at each other in puzzlement and ran down the stairs in such speed with curiosity into the Lord Darberfield’s room and saw a horrible sight a complete shock overwhelmed everyone in the castle as they stood still their frozen eyes focused on the stain blooded carpet and the person’s chopped of hand which was sitting on the blood, but for some strange reason there wasn’t any sign of a weapon near the blood or the hand.

All of the maids were shivering, but only one of the maid’s Miss Smithers was the first one to pop the question because the rest of them were still frozen stiff with shock ‘who’s blood and chopped off hand is this’ asked Miss Simthers timidly.

One of the butlers Mr. Woods replied bluntly ‘I don’t know miss but I am guessing it must be someone outside this castle as everyone is here present except for the Lord’.

‘Shouldn’t we call the police’ Shouted Miss bates she was one of the cooks in the castle.

‘No we can’t because the police might suspect us after all we do live in the castle and we maybe accused of disposing the body somewhere and they will question us down to the police station,’ replied Mr. Woods, who had sweat drops slowing pouring down his face.

‘Where is the body’ asked Miss Stevenson she was another maid who looked directly at the angry servant Mr. Hobbs.

‘What do I look like detective Colombo, I don’t know the killer must have buried the body or thrown it into a river’ said Mr. Hobbs, who was always sarcastic even in serious cases like these.

As soon as he said that the other maids and servants got slightly suspicious of him they thought in their minds could he have been involved in the murder or was he the killer.

‘Well what are we going to do’ said Miss Betsey out of the blue she was one of the youngest maids in the castle, she was the one who asked the most important question.

‘The first thing we should do is find out who’s blood and hand this belongs to and see if we can clean the stains of the carpet because if anyone comes in the castle they are most likely to get suspicious and no one believe that we are innocent’ Replied Mr. Woods

He was always kept the head of the castle every time when Lord Darberfield was away on a trip or a meeting with the queen because he was a trustworthy reliable butler.

Before they all went to bed each and every person in the castle searched for any more clues that the murderer left behind and for the body but found nothing no weapon no other traces of blood no other body parts in the castle.

The next day everyone searched for more evidence and finding the missing body.

The servants went digging in the castle gardens and grounds, some of the cooks searched in the maze and the butlers went and searched around the woods which was 10 miles away from the castle, but no one found any clues or no such evidence that can help solve the investigation so it was left to be a mystery as they couldn’t find the body to identify the person or the clues to find out who the killer is. The only way they can find out whose blood and hand this is and the killer is by reporting to the police as they have forensic testing equipment there.

Miss Smithers was getting worried and wanted to call Lord Darberfield as he was away on a camping tree with an old friend.

‘I am getting very worried I am calling Lord Darberfield he will know what to do about this terrible event after all this is his castle.’

‘No we mustn’t disturb him on his outing after all he needs a mini holiday to go camping away from all the stress besides we are capable of handling this investigation ourselves without any help,’ said Mr. Woods, who for some strange reason had gone very squeaky on the voice.

So as the days went by everyone searched for the missing body and more clues to track down the killer, they were also wondering why Lord Daberfield hasn’t returned from his camping trip as he was only going for a few days and it has been two weeks since he hasn’t come back. So the servants decided to ring him up despite Mr. Woods’s permission. For some strange reason Lord Daberfield didn’t answer.

The days soon passed to months and the months soon passed to years and yet no one has seen Lord Daberfield and now everyone had given up search for the missing body. But now they were more careful in security of the castle making sure no stranger or an unwelcome guest penetrates the castle grounds.

They had a sinking feeling that he might be dead as they went to the mountains for the tenth time where he had last camped and was no where to be found, the residents searched outside of the mountains asked passer bys no one had seen him or his close friend Count Darcy, some servants began to think he and his close friend have completely disappeared with out a single trace.

Having the castle to themselves, they were free and did what they wanted to do so other were happy although the residents did miss Lord Daberfield as he was a kind lord always considerate to the servants and butlers and grateful he wasn’t selfish at all even though he was filthy rich and had no wife but not all of the residents but which one.

One day Mr. Woods decided to go to the woods he brought a shovel with him, he went deep into the woods and started digging right in the centre of the whole forest, he dug and dug until he had uncovered a leg and a tie which appeared to belong to Lord Daberfield, so he was the person who had been murdered and his body was buried in the heart of his woods. How did Mr. Woods know where the body was, and for what possible reason did he want to dig it up for. Today it was Lord Daberfield’s birthday. He was going to be 64 years old and Mr. Woods wanted to give a last present to him; a rose, and when giving him the rose he said ‘Happy Birthday Lord Daberfield, enjoy your everlasting sleep and one more thing thanks ever so much for the money and your castle’.

Mr. Woods then dug him up again and gave an evil wicked laugh; he was the murder of Lord Daber field. Lord Daberfield was in his room that night when his butler came out of the blue, he got a gun out from his pocket and didn’t hesitate to shoot, he shot him 3 three times and at his hand which came off, the scream was then heard so he had thrown the body over the window and it landed on top of the maze he then went upstairs and acted shocked and surprised as the rest of the residents were the next day he took the body and buried it in the woods and told a lie to the servants, maids and cooks that he searched for the body in the woods. So you see the murder of Lord Daberfield was all planned by one wicked butler which was once a faithful butler and Lord Daberfields favorite and a friend of his.

And what is even worse is that the servants, maids and cooks didn’t even have a clue that it was him and him alone that had killed Lord Daberfield so no one knew who the killer really was and they will never know…….

© 2007 Neelam Shah age 15


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