Stink Bomb Skunk

Isabella Hopkins

Once upon a smelly time, there was a skunk that HATED smells!!!!! His name was Kevin. Kevin was often sad; he was made fun of all the time by the high school humans. The other reason why he was sad is because he had no one to care for him: no friends, no family, nothing.

Courageously, Kevin tip-toed into the bathroom to get some blue mints (or as you and I know: toilet thingy-magigs). Annoyingly, there were his arch enemies lurking by the bowls of lemonade AKA toilets with wee in them!!!!!!

"Hey! What are you doing here, Stink Bomb?!" Sniggered Ben and his gang, who were laughing behind him. Sneakily, Kevin tried to scurry off without Ben or his gang noticing him (unfortunately he left a stinky blue scent behind).

Stupidly, silly old Kevin accidentally walked into the girls' bathroom thinking it was the disabled cubicle to get some peace and quiet. Red like roses, Kevin's chubby cheeks blushed when he realized he was in the wrong place; the girls were screeching in disgust at the horrible sight. As quick as they could, the girls fled like they had seen a ghost. Luckily, there was a twinkling in the room where Kevin's fairy skunk mother fluttered down with her angel-like wings.

"I shall grant you three wishes
You can make the world shine
Be careful of your choices
Because not everything will be fine."

Kevin's jaw dropped in delight; he instantly knew what he was going to wish for - the one thing he had been wishing for his whole life!

"I wish for: no smell, no smell, oh smell!"

Without hesitation, Kevin strolled down the street like he was the coolest guy in town. However, no one paying attention; this never happened, but the thing was... he liked all the attention! Even though the attention was negative, at least people were noticing him! Kevin was very confused; he always thought that without his smell his life would be perfect. He realized having all the attention already made his life perfect, strangely! After being up all night, trying to think of a way to reverse the wishes, a light bulb popped out of his head – he remembered that the wish only lasts for 24 hours (he only knew this because The Fairy-Skunk-Mother had left a note on some toilet roll!!!!!!!) In order for the wishes to cease, he had to do a funky dance in front of the high school humans!!!! He didn’t care; he strutted into the middle of the high school humans where he wiggled and jiggled
and boogied all night (well actually it was only for 5 minutes).

As quick as a lightning bolt, a flash came from the sky and then he saw all fingers pointing at him.

“Stink Bomb…Stink Bomb…You’re a Stinky Stink Bomb!”

“Oh be quiet”, he shouted at them courageously, “If you say that one more time, I will let some stink bomb off on you!!” The vile humans then scurried off like rats. Kevin then lived smellily ever after!! ☺

Isabella Hopkins


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