The Adventures of Rupert the Rock: The Beginning Ep. 1

Greg Archibald

The Adventures of Rupert the Rock: The Beginning Ep.1

There once was a rock named Rupert the Rock, he was born in Kannus, Finland. His mommy and daddy were financially troubled because the mining business didn't pay very well. Rupert the Rock was getting older and his parents were having trouble supporting him, also while it didn't show Rupert the Rock was very ambitious, thus he wanted a better life for himself. So he thought what better a place to start than Nova Scotia to begin his dream of being a star in a barbershop quartet. So after a long boat ride to Nova Scotia, he stepped off the boat and saw bright new opportunities in this wondrous land!

After a days rest following the long trip, Rupert the Rock left the motel that he stayed at and stepped outside. It was a beautiful warm day in lovely Nova Scotia. Looking to start his profession as part of a barbershop quartet, he went to the nearest barbershop he could find. He went in and the people inside looked at him strangely because he was rock and rocks don't need haircuts, but Rupert the Rock was different, he did have hair, unlike most rocks, but that wasn't why he was here. The employees and customers went on with what they were doing because even though he was a talking rock, they had seen stranger things before. He asked if there were any barbershop quartets in the town, to which the head barber replied, "Yes! As most people know Nova Scotia is the barbershop quartet capital of the world! Talk to my good friend Luke Stephens! He will get you your barbershop quartet clothing, hat and cane and will find an opening in a quartet for you."
Check back soon for the next installment of Rupert the Rock and His Apathetic Adventures!

Written by Greg Archibald


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