Tia's Unicorn

Anika Dhapola

Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Tia.  She loved unicorns.

One night when she was sleeping she saw something glowing.  She went near it and saw that it was a real unicorn. "Oh my God!" she said.  She patted the unicorn on it's back.  She named the unicorn Pinky pie!

"Hello!  I am a unicorn.  I know that you have named me Pinky pie." said the unicorn.  Tia was surprised that a unicorn can talk, so she decided to ask Pinky pie where she came from.

"Hello, my name is Tia.  Where did you come from?" she said.   "Oh Hi, I came from the magical land.  Would you like to come with me?"  Pinky pie said "Oh sure".  "Then let's go"said Pinky pie.

"Here we are!  The magical land.." said Pinky pie.  "Wow!  This is amazing! There are all kinds of unicorns here...  So many plants and magical creatures too!" said Tia.

Pinky pie and Tia had a lot of fun, until the monster unicorn came.  " He is the most bad and ugliest unicorn.  If he sees a human being he will kill it and eat it, so Tia stay behind me." said Pinky pie.

The monster could smell Tia.  He got angry and started to look everywhere. He saw Tia and tried to take her.  Just then Pinky pie leaped into the air with her lovely wings and hit the monster unicorn with rainbow sparkles. "Ouch!" the monster unicorn said.

"YAY FOR PINKY PIE!" the crowd shouted..  Pinky pie flew Tia back home. "Thanks for the ride back home Pinky pie.  I will never forget you and your land again." said Tia.   "BYE TIA"said Pinky pie. "BYE" said Tia.



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