Once upon a time there was a little fly named Tweensy.

One day Tweensy wanted to go shopping . He went to the grocery market to buy a watermelon, but when he took the watermelon home, he opened it and it was purple. "How did the watermelon turn purple?" thought Tweensy.

So he went to Dumpster Acres where he met this dog named Dumpster. The fly asked Dumpster why the watermelon was purple inside.

The dog asked, "The watermelon was purple?" Then Tweensy showed the dog the purple watermelon. "Mmm a purple watermelon?!" said Dumpster. "What do purple watermelons taste like?" asked the fly. "Delicious!" said Dumpster.

And then the fly took a bite. "This is delicious!" said the fly. And then they started eating the purple watermelon and then finished eating it.

The end.

©2013 Angel, age 7


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