The wind is blowing just fast enough, To guide a sailboat without the waves being rough. Setting up the sails to blow in the wind, Watching as the shoreline disappears again. When the water is a guide, there is only one place to be. When the wind is a compass, there is so much toDisplay

The Tangled Web of Alice Young

The Tangled Web of Alice Young The house of Young had a growing guest It wasn’t something they possessed Up from the ceiling it was hung The Tangled Web of Alice Young This tangled web was weaved with lies “Who broke the vase?” “Who ate the pies?” Composed of every fib she sung The TangledDisplay

A migratory adventure

This morning when you did your best in school two robins brought me news and said: “Wow, cool!” I wonder how your teachers teach you art. They surely read their pupils legends too. This red tale I will read you of two thrones where boys and girls made crowns of spruce cones. Then football playersDisplay

Pink Chairs and Pigtails

Pink Chairs and Pigtails It began with a jolt … a day like none other, For a package arrived marked, To Pigtails… Love, Mother.   Now, this isn’t a legend of a prince or prominent queens, But rather an account of a chair and its vibrant pink sheens.   There will be no stories ofDisplay

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