The Tale of Super Dutch

Monika Hajsky

It was a rainy morning and Dutch the dog had nothing to do.

“Oh I wish it wasn't raining outside I would really like to play with my friends!” said Dutch. Dutch went into the kitchen to see what her owner was up to.

“Why hello Duchess what have you been up to?” asked her owner.

“Nothing, It is raining out!!!” said Dutch in her mind. Her owner just kept on cooking and Dutch just kept whining for food. Her owner got really tired of her whining that she threw down a BIG juicy steak.

“There goes half the dinner!” said the owner.

Dutch ran into the living room with that big juicy steak and said to her self... “Now this is the life!” On the other hand, her little brother Doc takes EVERYTHING that Dutch has! So of course he picked up her steak and ran off with it saying.. “Ha Ha I got your steak come and get it!”

Dutch clotted after him and made him think before he took HER steak again! “YOU never take MY steak!” yelled Dutch. Dutch asked out to go to the bathroom so she could eat her steak in the dog house where Doc could not take it again. After a while Dutch asked back in again...

“Where's your steak?” asked Doc

“In my belly!”

Doc looked at her with his cute face and said... “But I loved that steak!!!”

“Your cute face doee not work on me... I would never ask for another steak. That would be rude!”

“Am I the only one in this house that has to suffer here?”

“No you don't suffer you are just a bad boy sometimes and you do not realize that owners - feed us, pet us, walk us, and do lots of things for us!”

“Well I am young and you are really bossy to me... just wait I will get bigger!” Doc exclaimed. After that Doc walked away to go see what was is in his toy box. After a while Dutch went into the living room with Doc to go lay by the fire. She lay at the fire for a long time, but then her owner came in to the living room to get Doc and Dutch into their kennels for the night.

The next morning Dutch got up from laying in her kennel all night and got Doc to wake up too. Dutch waited in her kennel for her owners to get up and open up the kennels. After a while, the owners got up and let Dutch and Doc out of their kennels. “Oh-boy it is a BEAUTIFUL day out today!” Dutch said happily.

Doc did not care about the weather. He cared about breakfast! One of the owners was making some breakfast for Dutch and Doc. “Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, BREAKFAST!” Doc said exited.

“Sit-down then you will get it...see look I am already eating!” Said Dutch.

“Fine what ever you say... to get food of coarse!”

They just ate until the bowls were clean and clear. The owners let them outside for the day and Doc was whining to get back in. The owners got so mad of his whining that they let him in. Dutch stayed on the back porch and wondered...“I wonder what it would be like to fly in the air like a bird or an airplane… See the world like China or Japan or some places where dogs have never been! I just wonder, just hope it will come to me. People would call me SUPER DUTCH...”

Of course Doc was listening through the window and yelled out.... “The only place that is going to happen is in your dreams!, and Doc walked away. Later it was about 12:00 O’Clock and Dutch's owners went to go have lunch at the Ibis. So Dutch has a passageway out of the back yard that Doc does not even know about. She gets as close to the shock fence as possible and starts to dig and dig. She finely gets a big enough hole for her to get through! And finely she's out and free! She goes and sees her friends and does a lot of things, like gets through the garbage and rolls in
some yummy smelling stuff on the ground. She gets really close where her owners are eating and she sees their truck drive by. She colts right back home, digs her hole gets back into the yard and grabs the hose and turns on the water and washes her self off and rolls on her blanket outside and gets herself clean, fresh smelling and dry right before her owners get home! Dutch asks inside and she and Doc lay by the fire get all cozy before bedtime. At night while everybody was sleeping Dutch all of a sudden heard “HELLLLLP!” Dutch jumped up and kept scratching at the open latch for her kennel and finely got it open. Good thing this kennel is a cheap one!” said Dutch. She ran to the big window and looked outside. She had an idea! She went back into her kennel slammed the door shut and yelped. Doc jumped up and her owner zoomed into the living room. She said to Doc... “I heard someone yell outside help!”

“Finally, some action!” said Doc.

They stood by the door, so the owners would let them outside! So they got outside and Dutch showed Doc her way out. They both went over to where the cry for help was coming from. It was a dog named Timber, since Timber is a very talented dog she can do everything! And so she was chasing a cat up a tree and she got up on a really high branch and slipped. There were lots and lots of prickle bushes under her and she was slipping and slipping! Which was really bad because that is the dog that Doc secretly loves! “Don't worry Timber I am coming!” yelled out Doc.
Dutch held him back and said, “You are not going anywhere you are 6 months old!” So Dutch ran with her fastest speed and once she was at the bottom of the tree a super dog came! Her name was SUPER LUCKY! She flew up to where Timber was. Timber finally slipped, but Super Lucky grabbed her before she hit the bushes!!! “Hi Super Lucky! I want to be like you...a super hero!” Dutch said to super Lucky. “You can be someday but right now you can be super dog, saving people from mud or something”

“Okay, I will not let you down!”

Doc was just asking and asking if Timber was Okay. “Doc, I am fine!” And gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“aaaaaaaH!” said Doc. And fell on his back. Super Lucky said her good byes and zoomed off into the air!

The next morning, Dutch got up feeling lucky as a penny! Doc was still talking about his kiss from Timber.

“Doc what is it to you? It was a kiss on the cheek!”

“Oh yeah, what is it to you?. You never loved someone!”

“What? Yes I have! and that is mom and dad!”

“Not like that!”

“Talk all you want about it I do not really care!”

“Okay, I will!”

It wasn't really the day Dutch was hoping for after she met Super Lucky. She was watching the news on TV and it said, “A sad thing happened to Super Lucky last night she got run over by a car! Please keep your dogs safe around cars!”

“OH NO!” yelled Dutch.

Later on it was dinner and for the first time.... Dutch did not finish. She went to bed really sad that night. But something strange happened that night when the owners shut the door to their bedroom....Dutch was still awake but Doc was sleeping. She started glowing! “What is going on?” It started to hurt all over her body! And then all of a sudden she passed out! Right in her kennel. Then Doc woke up and saw that she was glowing. “DUTCH DUTCH WAKE UP! WAKE UP DUTCH!!!!” Yelled Doc.

But then Doc started to glow. And he passed out. No one moved all night.

In the morning Dutch got up and felt really bigger and stronger!

“Cool I feel......SUPER!!” said Dutch.

After a while Doc got up and they got breakfast. Dutch started eating and she was done in 1 second!!!

“What in the world Dutch? You’re done already? Wow!” Said the owner.

Doc looked at her like she was the main item to look at in a staring contest. They got put outside and Dutch said, “I feel like I could fly!”

“Oh come on you can't feel that super!”

“Yes I can and I am going to try!”

“You're kidding me right?”

“No I am not!”

So Dutch jumped on top of their dog house and said.... “HERE I GO!!”

“Oh my God she is really doing it!” said Doc in his mind.

She jumped and she was flying!!

“Weeee I am flying!” yelled out Dutch

“Oh my God, she is flying!” Said Doc.

“Maybe that's why I was glowing! Because since Super Lucky got ran over she gave me her powers!”

“Why you?” asked Doc.

“I do not know maybe because I said I wanted to be a super hero and I would not let her down!”

“Too bad I did not say that...Wait a minute, why was I glowing?”

“You glowed too?

“Of course I did!”

“Then try flying like me!”

So Doc got up on the dog house and leaped off the roof but....he fell to the ground!

“Maybe you glowed to get you to stop yelling my name” said Dutch.

“I guess?”

Well, Doc was pretty upset that he could not fly, but Dutch, on the other hand, went to go draw a picture of her new costume. Later on after Dutch was done drawing, she went to the amazing dog talker!

“Hello sir, could you please come with me to my house?” asked Dutch.

“YOU CAN TALK!!! Aaaaaaah!” yelled the dog talker.

“What you can hear me? Cool!”

“Yes so stop, it is freaking me out silly!”

“I can't! I am the new SUPER DOG!!”


“Yes I am! But do not tell anybody okay?”

So the dog talker went with Dutch back home and told the owners what she was saying and she was saying... “Hi, Dutch wants you to put a dog door on the back door.”

Amazed, the owner's went to go put a brand-new dog door on the back door. “Doc I can talk to people!”

“Really? Can you ask for some kind of meat for me?”


“Why not?”

“Because it is my voice and I am going to say what I want, and any ways, that would be rude and I do not want anyone to know!”

Dutch was very happy that she was the new SUPER DOG. She went to sleep with a big smile on her face!

The next morning Dutch heard a big cry for HELP!!! So she rushed on her clothes and opened her kennel’s door and zoomed out the new dog door. She saw a person that was climbing a mountain and slipping off the cliff!!! She grabbed the person and put her on safe ground! “Please be more careful next time Miss!” Said Dutch.

“Oh thank-you! What is your name?” asked the person.

“SUPER DUTCH!!! And better safe than sorry!”

And she zoomed off after that! She got on the newspapers, TV, and much more!

“Wow! I am famous!” Said Dutch.

“Can you take me next time?” asked Doc.


So latter on she kept saving more people. And not only people, she stopped robbers too. She was a world sensation! Dutch and Doc lived a long happy life together. But of course life is one happy thing... And now Dutch will be nice and safe with her brother Doc in happy heaven.... and Super Dutch will always be remembered down here on earth and in our hearts!

Thank-you SUPER Dutch you saved us all!

The End

© 2013 Monika Hajsky


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