The first day at School


In a land so far away was a beautiful family with 2 sisters and 1 brother. The 2
sisters loved and always took care of their brother and their brother loved them a lot.
One day they were starting at a new school, and they were very excited and had
butterflies in their belly. They were wondering what school was going to be like and
whether they will have any friends. The morning came and it was time to wake up to
get ready. When their mum woke them up, they all wanted to stay in bed. “Can we
have 10 more minutes mummy please?” pleaded the 2 girls. “Can I have 5 more
minutes, please? Asked the boy. Ok then said their mum.
When they finally got up and got ready, their mother told them I nice story from the
bible. It was about a little boy called David who defeated a big giant called Goliath.
Goliath had all the most dangerous weapons, but David only had a sling. A small
little sling. But because God was on his side, David had no choice but to win
because that’s what happens when God is on your side. She told them that whatever
thing you are worried about or scared of, as long you know that God is on your side
you have no choice but to win. So, the kids were excited and jumped on their bikes
and rode to school. Vroooom and off they went.
At school, they had the best time ever, made a lot of friends, and the teachers loved
them. Today they have a lot of friends who love them, and their teachers absolutely
love them.
Since then, they are not scared because they know God is on their side. And they
lived happily ever after


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