Jaqualla Foxworth

Chapter 1

Once upon a time, there lived a young girl named Sabrina, who had a terrible illness, cancer. Despite this, she remained in good spirits especially since she lived with Madam Hicks, a lovely woman who took Sabrina in as a baby, saving her from abandonment. But, she was very unkind towards Sabrina.

As the years passed, Sabrina grew to be sweet and kind, never losing hope that one day her handsome prince charming would sweep her off her feet and take her away. Showing her gratitude for saving her years ago Sabrina cooked, cleaned, did laundry and other things for Madam Hicks accompanied by her best friend, Jacque, a French frog.

Meanwhile, in town there was news of a ball that would be held at the castle by the king and queen who were determined to see their long lost daughter, hoping she would attend.

Chapter 2

Elsewhere, Jason, a poor orphan, wanted to find her in hopes there would be a reward. He held private auditions to find the perfect girl to take to the ball but was quickly stopped by the guards. They chased him through the village but lost him in a sea of people. Jason ran as quickly as he could throughout the forest and found a tiny cottage. Inside, Jason found Sabrina and Jacque. Sabrina believed he was a prince and Jason acted like so. "I am prince Jason!" He said "I've come looking for a lovely maiden to be my bride, you." Sabrina was excited with joy she was going to be a princess, her Prince Charming had finally come!

"You'll have to meet my parents, of course, at the ball tonight" Jason told her.

"I'd love to," Sabrina replied, but hesitated once it was time to leave. Sabrina would never see Madam Hicks again, but this could be her only chance at finding true love. And so she left. Together, Sabrina, Jason and Jacque headed for the castle. They were unaware that Madam Hicks heard their entire conversation and became very angry. She wanted Sabrina back.

Chapter 3

On their journey to the castle, a strange man who was hired by Madam Hicks followed Sabrina and the others who tried to take her away from them. Jason and the others fled to a waterfall and jumped in as a way to lose him. Madam Hicks was very disappointed that the man failed his duty and went to get Sabrina herself. At the castle, Sabrina and the others had to change into something more suitable for the ball. As Sabrina tried on
different dresses she saw a portrait of the king and queen and their baby princess. She looked like Sabrina but had long flowing hair. At the ball, everyone danced including Sabrina and Jason "I can't wait to meet the king and queen," she said. "Neither can I," he said to himself. As evening fell, the king and queen felt they would never see their daughter again. Until.... Jason presented Sabrina as the long lost princess -- their daughter.

Chapter 4

But they were not pleased with her, for their daughter had hair and she did not. "Aren't you their son, here to make me your princess?" Sabrina asked Jason confused "No, I'm not," he admitted "but you are their daughter -- you are a princess" he tried to tell her but Sabrina would not hear it. She tearfully ran out of the castle and headed to the cottage followed by Jacque. As for Jason, he was sent to prison "she is your daughter!" He told the king and queen. "Look at the painting," he said. The king and his queen took another look at the painting made long ago. He he was right. Sabrina greatly resembled the baby princess. She was their daughter after all. They had to get her back, fast!

Chapter 5

Elsewhere, Sabrina returned to the cottage with Jacque and found Madam Hicks angry with her. "After all I've done for you, you run away with a prince," she said. "To go off and be a princess!" she shouted. "But I'm not a princess" Sabrina argued as she then began to do her chores. She entered Madam Hicks’ room and started dusting. She then found a small box under her bed, inside was the same painting of the one in the village. Suddenly, everything made sense to Sabrina. Madam Hicks took her from the king and queen years ago. But why did she do it?

Unaware Madam Hicks was in the room hiding in the shadows. "So you found out did you?" She said, frightening Sabrina.

"Yes but why?" she asked.

"Because I was to marry your father and become a princess but he loved another--your mother. And so I took you from him. If I couldn't be a princess, neither will you!" She shouted as she revealed her true self and magical powers. She was a witch!

Just in time, Jason burst in the cottage to save Sabrina. Together he and Jacque used team work and used a mirror to block Madam Hicks’ magic which zapped off the mirror and onto her making her disappear but so did Sabrina's cancer, her hair instantly became long and flowing once more.

The day was a success. Sabrina returned to her parents who happily embraced their daughter after so long. But, Sabrina would never have known she was a princess without Jason's help. Later, the two married and everyone lived happily ever after.

The end.

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