Peter and the Giant

Jessica Gunawardena & Nicola Perera



Peter looked at the giant.

The giant looked at Peter.

“Um. How are you, Mister Giant?” Peter asked politely, even while his knees were shaking in fear.

“I'm fine, little boy.” “And how are you?”


They stared at each other and then both started talking at once.

“How did?”

“Who are?

“Speak, little boy,” the giant said.

“How did you come here?” I’ve never seen you before.” Peter said still afraid.

“I was just passing by.” What’s your name, child?”


“I’m called Rocky.” Would you like me to do something for you?”

“Oh no, I can’t ask you to do anything for me!” Peter was amazed.

“I don't mind.” “I like to help.” “It must be very hard to be a human, isn’t it?”

Peter hadn’t thought about that before. “No.” I like being human, although,” he added, “Being a giant must be cool.”

“No, I'm not cold, Peter.”

“No, no, I mean, it must be really nice to be a giant.”

“Oh yes it is.” “Now why don't you come with me?” “I’ll take you back to my home.” You can see where I live.”

Peter nodded and the giant lifted the little boy onto his huge shoulder. Soon they were striding down the street Peter lived on and then they suddenly appeared in a large valley filled with enormous homes. Giants moved around everywhere, doing normal everyday things that Peter and his family and friends did too. Some were walking to work in the fields, some were hanging up clothes to dry, children played. Peter imagined they must be child giants as they were much smaller than the others, although still larger than him.

“How did we suddenly come here?” Peter demanded of Rocky.

“We are magical people, so we live in a magical place.” Rocky said.

You can do magic?” asked Peter in wonder.

“Oh yes I can.” Its lots of fun, you should try it.”

“I can't do magic.” “I’ve tried.” Peter said sadly.

“If you were a giant, you could.” “Why don't you become a giant?” “Come on, become a giant, become a giant, BECOME A GIANT.”

Peter woke up screaming, “Become a giant!”

His mother came running into his room.

”Peter, Peter, what is it?” “Did you have a bad dream?”

“Yes, I think so.” “Oh mother, I thought it was real.” “A giant took me to his home and wanted me to become like him.” “He was shouting at me to become a giant.”

She settled him back in his bed and said comfortingly, “It was only a dream son.” “Don't worry.” “Now go back to sleep.”

He nodded, and cuddling his pillow, he was soon fast asleep.

©2011 Jessica Gunawardena & Nicola Perera


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